Ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend – What to do

Ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend – What to do

So your ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend and you don’t have any idea as to what you should do?  Well, the worst thing you could do is freak out about it.  You do not want to be seen as the crazy girlfriend.

It can be a very, very stressful situation when you really love someone, when you think the relationship has got a long term future and you have your heart set on your partner and then out of nowhere, they break up with you, even worse if they do it by text.  In fact, I think men who break up by using text messaging are not very manly at all.

And then you find out they’re dating someone else, and it happens quickly after you broke up or maybe even they were dating them while you were dating and they didn’t tell you about this other person when you broke up.  This happens a lot.  Don’t think of yourself as stupid if it happens.  A lot can slip under anyone’s nose.

If your ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend and this is a real shock you’ve got to realize how much this can affect you.

This can be very confronting and very difficult to deal with but I only want to let you to know is that this is actually a very traumatic situation and you’ve got to deal with it in the same way you will deal with other significant emotional trauma.

Once he gets a new girlfriend, you need to back away from him and move on.  You do not want to be the jealous, crazy ex-girlfriend.  If you start screaming and yelling, or acting out of control, it will push him more into your rival’s camp and not yours.  That’s the opposite of what you want.

So what I recommend is to deal with your emotional trauma at the most serious level you can because actually a condition called post-traumatic stress disorder and a lot of times when you’re affected by a break-up, this is what you can actually be suffering from. They call it PTSD.  Yours might be less severe than a soldier’s, but it’s still pretty serious.

This is why it can be so difficult to stop crying and get out of the love and it can affect your motivation, your energy, your happiness, your ability to be positive, that can be very detrimental for your life.

Don’t feel bad though.  It happens to everyone!

It can make you feel bad about yourself, it can make you question lots of things so it’s really important that you look after yourself and your own mental health and you take the best possible action to heal this emotional difficulty straight away.

So if your ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend and this really affected you to the point where you are feel awful then don’t just ignore this. Get it sorted ASAP.

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