Facebook Chat Breakups

Facebook Chat Breakups

Simply put…don’t break up with some like this. Here’s why…

I’ve had some questions recently about Facebook chat breakups. Many people avoid breaking up with someone because they don’t want to deal with the hurt feelings or perhaps they’re just lazy. Sometimes the potential of an angry reaction can keep people silent as well. The question of the day is: Would a Facebook chat breakup be acceptable?

The answer is quite simple. No.

You should never break up with someone via Facebook chat or for that matter, any form of instant messaging. It isn’t a good form of communication to express your true feelings or to let the person who is being dumped express their feelings. It doesn’t offer any kind of closure and comes across as cold-hearted.

It may be difficult to meet up with your girlfriend or boyfriend in person. However, if you’ve been dating for more than a month then it’s really the only thing to do. It isn’t fair to blow off your relationship without giving the other person a chance to respond. Both sides need to express their feelings and understand how the other one feels. Then you’re free to go your separate ways. If you do not meet in person and break up online, you are risking additional ¬†angry, hurt, and confusing communication from your ex.

Life isn’t always a pretty picture and sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do. Look at the excuses you’ve made for breaking up via Facebook instead of in person. That’s all they are – excuses. Do the right thing and break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend in person. Do it alone without the presence of friends or family. Be open and willing to discuss things, but know when you leave where your relationship is at. If it’s a clean cut, let him or her know. If you’d like to still be friends, then share this desire.

You’ll find that handling things in person creates a stronger level of communication and commitment. It creates a better ending for everyone involved and after all, that’s what everyone ultimately wants.

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