Fight With Boyfriend

Fight With Boyfriend

Having a nasty fight with boyfriend could be a sign of deeper issues that need to be addressed.Fight With Boyfriend

Having a fight is a normal part of being in a relationship.  You can’t possibly agree on everything and there will be times when you or your boyfriend’s behavior will step on the other person’s toes.  The worst thing you can do is to make the situation more than it is.  Making mountains out of mole hills never helps.  If you find yourself screaming at your boyfriend a lot though, it could mean that there is something deeper to the problem.

A perfect relationship where you never fight with your boyfriend is probably not a realistic expectation.  Part of the reason you are attracted to your boyfriend is that he is confident and his own person.  He knows where he wants to go, how he wants to get there, and for the moment he wants you to make that journey with him.  If you have your own plans for your life and are your own person, then conflict is inevitable.

In those cases, you must always remember to be assertive.  Remember, being assertive does not mean being mean or a jerk.  It means valuing yourself and knowing your boundaries.  There are things you like and things you don’t, things you stand for and things you don’t.  You can always make your point and stand your ground in a non-combative way, and you’ll find it’s healthy for your relationship.

If you find that you and your boyfriend are having fights frequently, then it might be a bigger problem.  You don’t always have to think that you must do everything your boyfriend wants you to, especially if you don’t want to.  If he’s domineering or controlling in the relationship, it might indicate that he is insecure and afraid of losing you.  Some men don’t believe on some level that they deserve to have a girlfriend, and their insecurities manifest themselves as arguments.

In such cases, you must decide whether or not you want to stay in such a relationship.  You cannot repair his self-esteem nor can you make him confident.  You can be nurturing and try to make it very clear that you want to stay in the relationship.  This might assuage his nervousness.  If not, well, the sea is full of fish!

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