Fighting in Relationships

Fighting in Relationships

When you’re in a fight with your girlfriend or spouse, it’s best to keep your cool.

People who are most prone to having trouble with fighting in relationships tend to let their emotions rule them, whether it’s anger, jealousy, or hate. These people are pretty much ruled by these emotions. Having an uncontrollable urge to be right can really hurt your relationships.

These people are always in a chaotic state, ruled by emotions that change like the tides of the ocean.

It is key that you do not let your emotions overcome you and control you.  You have the ability to decide what you do, and you can accomplish control of your emotions through discipline.

Losing control of our emotions can lead to results in life we don’t want.  Try to remember the last time you felt a strong emotion, like anger for instance.  Were you in control of yourself?  Did you say something that you now regret?  Did you try to get back at your spouse or partner without considering what you were saying?

Learning how to manage emotions is central to building emotional intelligence and emotional intelligence is what great relationships are all about.

I want to give you a three step plan for dealing with difficult emotions and this is going to help you.Fighting in relationships.

The first step is to do what’s called emotional meditation, and this is where you take some time out, you lay down, and you meditate.  Pay attention to the emotions you’re experiencing right now, earlier today, and even earlier this week.

Reduce the need to fight with your girlfriend by having more peace.

You want to start meditating on the emotions you’re feeling.  Be mindful about how your emotions affect your body. Anger raises our blood pressure whereas happiness releases endorphins.

Learn to not fight with your girlfriend by managing your emotions better.

After these emotional meditation sessions, grab a pen and paper and start to write down what you can do to change the effect of these situations that are causing negative emotions.

Awareness of what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling will get you more control over your relationship.

Write down what it is that is causing you to respond negatively.  Maybe it’s how you think about the situation, maybe you need to change something about the situation itself – or what makes you want to fight with your girlfriend.

Now it’s time to come up with a plan of attack.  You are aware of your emotions and their results in your life.  Now, we need to figure out how to control them so they no longer dominate us.

The third thing that is very important to do is to understand the positiveness even in the most negative emotions, to realize that these emotions aren’t the enemy.

To fight with your girlfriend isn’t always bad. It can cause positive growth in your relationship.

It’s time you learn that negative emotions are not entirely bad.  You can learn from them.  It’s like when you’re driving and a warning light goes off to tell you that you’re low on gas.

That’s what a lot of these negative emotions are – a fight is like a warning sign.

A fight is a warning and, like your car, if you’re going to not pay attention to that fuel light and let it run out of fuel – you have problems.

The only problem with negative emotions is when you don’t take action on them, when you don’t use them as a source of positive emotion; you actually just let the light go on. Use a fight to change things. To make them better.

So get in the habit of understanding what’s causing these negative emotions and use that as some positive motivation to make positive changes in your life. Find the cause of any fight and fix it.

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