First Date Tips for Girls

First Date Tips for Girls

Ladies, make sure your first date is a complete success…

First dates can be just as stressful for girls as they are for guys. After all, guys typically do not spend hours in their closets in hopes of selecting the perfect outfit. First date tips for girls are slightly different than ones for guys, but by following them, you will be sure to have that hunk wrapped around your finger by the end of the night.

The first tip is to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready before the date. Having been a teenage boy myself, believe me when I say that leaving that poor boy in a room with your father while you are still getting ready is one of the most terrifying experiences you can subject him to. Spare him the intimidation and be ready when he comes to pick you up. He’ll have to meet your parents, of course, but at least your over-protective father will not interrogate him.

Allowing time to get ready beforehand will also help you to ensure you look your best. Though looks are not the most important quality a guy looks for in a girl, they can certainly help. You do not have to look like a supermodel, but looking nice and put-together will show him that you care about yourself and have confidence. So take a shower, fix your hair in your favorite style, put on some makeup to enhance your natural beauty, select an outfit that you will feel comfortable and pretty in, and head out the door!

While on your date, don’t be nervous. That boy is probably infinitely more nervous than you are, so do him a favor by breaking the ice. Be sure to keep the conversation flowing by asking questions, making observations, or even bringing up an interesting topic. With these first date tips for girls, your night is sure to be a success.

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