Fix a Sexless Marriage – A Few Helpful Tips

Fix a Sexless Marriage – A Few Helpful Tips

I’ve got some tips you can apply today to fix a sexless marriage.  Here are a few helpful tips. 

To fix a sexless marriage is to really get to the beating heart of what a human relationship is supposed to be about: intimacy.  You see, a relationship without intimacy is dead.  It cannot work,  It can only be a friendship, and anyone that doesn’t want to have intimacy has much deeper problems.  This is going to be a really difficult time for you in your life.

I just want to say first of all that I hate most of the advice out there on trying to fix sexless marriages. Fixing a sexless marriage is not always so simple.  It is actually emotionally torturous and has very little chance of success.  I’m sorry if that sounds rough, but sexless marriages are not a walk in the park.

In my experience, sexless marriages can be caused by wide variety of issues. And fixing a sexless marriage can be complicated.

These problems can run very deep and take some time to deal with. Part of fixing a sexless marriage is having a really open mind about what is wrong and how to fix it. There are certainly no way you could find the cure for sexless marriage on a single web page. The way to fixing a sexless marriage is searching for real answers.

There may be a process involved of research, investigation, professional assistance, to try and figure out what’s going wrong. Part of fixing a sexless marriage is taking a solid approach to this issue. A professional approach.  That is what I can offer you, if you are willing to explore the different possibilities.

But that’s not what I heard on television…

I think in the modern-day fad, with shows like Dr. Phil and Oprah that you can get into the habit of try and just fix your problems in some sort of superficial way like you wave the magic wand and instantly they’re better.  Dr. Phil is really the post child of this effect.

I got to tell you the sexless marriages, sometimes the problems can run deep, one partner may be resistant to getting treatment or thinking there’s even something wrong. Usually fixing a sexless marriage is very possible – but you’ve got to get your partner in on the game.

The other might be emotionally involved and get very angry and frustrated and have a lot of built-up pressure and anger. You’ll be able to succeed in fixing a sexless marriage if you can release that anger.

Step one, sit down with your partner and with no pressure, say to them that you would like to investigate what’s causing this, that you’re not offended, you’re not going to take anything personally and it’s not an insult on them.

You simply want to see what’s available and do a little bit of investigation and it’ll be fun if you could do it together and it’ll be like somewhat of a game where you can use it as a chance to explore some different ideas that could add a little bit more excitement to your life.

It’s very important that you don’t feel like you’re criticizing or harassing your partner.  There is enough poison in your relationship without you adding to it.  Remember, your partner may not want to have sex because of past trauma.  Don’t make them feel guilty about something that wasn’t their fault.

Step two is for you to release a little bit.

You know, if you are on either on the side of this problem, you are probably distressed.  It’s hard to deal with your bodies demands and your need to be close when your only outlet has essentially cut you of.  You should not cheat though.  You have to deal with the problem fairly and honorably.

It’s time to let go, you probably got to move on from being too attached in this problem and approach it from a little bit more of an unbiased and scientific point of view.

You’re much more likely to be successful in this if you can reduce a bit of your emotional connection to the issue which may be difficult if this has bothered you for some time.

The third step is to TAKE ACTION!  Never stay home and have a pity party!

Do absolutely every element of implementation that you read and you find and treat it like it’s extremely serious, which it is.

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