Fix my marriage, PLEASE…

Fix my marriage, PLEASE…

Are you feeling desperate about your marriage?  Are you practically screaming, “Fix my marriage, PLEASE!”  I can help…

If you’re seriously wanting to fix your marriage, what you’ve really got to do is to start realizing the power of your thinking and your decision making.

You probably are starting to understand the effect of maybe making poor decisions in the past or perhaps thinking and how it led you to do things that weren’t very helpful at all. Getting to the point of wanting to fix your marriage is about realizing what you’ve done wrong in the past that has caused things to reach this point.

You have to be honest about your situation.  If your actions are the problem, then they’re the problem.  Look in the mirror first before you start blaming your spouse for everything.

So I want to encourage you be aware of how you’re approaching your marriage, how you think about being married, how you think about your wife, and see in if there’s anything that’s creating a problem.  The problem may just be in your mind!

If it’s not, and there are real problems to your relationship, relax!  Things could always be worse, and they can always be better.

Number one is learning to how to heal stress.

See, marriage difficulties cause a lot of stress and when you’re stressed you just don’t make smart decisions.  It’s true!  You don’t make intelligent decisions and you don’t always do what’s best for you. You can’t think of how to fix your marriage because your mind might be cloudy and foggy right now.  Who could concentrate staring divorce in the face?

If you want to improve your marriage, you need to release the stress, and focus on being positive.  If you are not causing the strife in your relationship, then you can focus on how to help your partner.

Being clear eyed about the problem is key.  Is your marriage under stress because you are not being intimate as much as you both would life?  Are money problems drowning you?  Are you arguing about little things because of bigger problems?

Different people respond to difficulty in very different ways, but what I encourage you to do is handle difficulty with a smile.  your relationship can come out stronger!

I’ll give you an example, in the morning I train in the park with a personal trainer.  He’s a real military type.

He makes me do pushups and run up hills and it kills me.  You know a lot of mornings I vomit, but what it does is it gives me a very positive frame of mind and I am ready to take on challenges.

Everyday I’m paying some guy to push me to the limit. I’m actually seeing the positive side of challenges.  Challenges are there to strengthen us.  

I’m actually learning that a lot of good things happen through hard work, discipline, and pain.

So it’s important for you to understand that sometimes difficulty isn’t a bad thing. Needing to fix your marriage might actually teach you some really powerful and helpful things.

Sometimes being challenged isn’t always the worst thing for you.  Fixing your marriage is just another challenge.

When you’re rebuilding your marriage, fall in love again.  Your spouse has so many qualities that made you want to be with them in the first place.  Find them again!  Discover new ones.  A big part of letting your spouse know you are serious about the relationship is never giving up.

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