Focus on You

Focus on You

It’s amazing how often personal priorities are overlooked. Don’t make that mistake…

When you’ve been through a bad breakup it can be difficult to know what to do or to find a new focus. She’s all you can think about and you want to win her back. Maybe you need to find another girl or focus on your friendships. No. After a breakup, the only person that you should be focusing on is – YOU.

Focus on you.

It sounds wrong, doesn’t it? That won’t help you win her back. That will only lead to self-pity or guilt. It’s okay. First, it may help you win her back. Second, in order to process your feelings and work through the breakup, you need to focus on yourself.

Think about the future. There will be another breakup, another girl, another love. You just have to remain open and be willing to go in search of it. This is a time for you to figure out what you want from a relationship and what you want from your own life. No one is asking you to compromise. Choose to do what you want and go after the kind of girls that have qualities that you want.

Let this be a liberating time. Find your own sense of freedom and explore who you are. Your future relationships will benefit greatly from your new sense of self and you’ll feel better as well.

Once you truly understand who you are, eventually you’ll want to get back in a relationship and be dating. After awhile the excitement fades. To get back to the blissful stages of a relationship…and prepare yourself to avoid problems and fights…watch my FREE video presentation. Check out the video while you still can…CLICK HERE.