Funny First Date Questions

Funny First Date Questions

Though asking questions on the first date is crucial, not all of them have to be practical and serious.

Funny first date questions work just as well, and they will also show your date that you have a sense of humor. So go ahead, lighten the mood by asking questions that will be sure to put a smile on that special someone’s face.

If you could be any dinosaur, which would you be and why? Though it is a random question, it can really provide insight on that special someone’s personality. If they like T-rexes, they are probably strong, fierce leaders; if they like velociraptors, they are probably quick-witted and highly intelligent; and if they prefer the brachiosaurus, they are probably gentle and kind. Plus, who doesn’t love talking about dinosaurs? Random questions like this are sure to make your date smile and will start an interesting – if not hilarious – conversation.

Would you rather? These types of questions are very versatile and have the potential to be quite hilarious. Fill in the blanks with whatever you would like; I’m sure you can come up with some creative ideas. Ask them if they would rather survive solely on waffles or solely on donuts. After they answer, tell them what your pick would have been – you will be sure to have an interesting discussion.

What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done? This question always inspires hilarious answers. Everyone has – at some point in their lives – done something completely humiliating. However, this humiliation is usually quite humorous for everyone else. Be a good sport and answer honestly if you are asked. After all, you will get to find out their most embarrassing moment in return.

Preparing funny first date questions is an excellent idea, and by doing so, you will help to make your evening both hilarious and fun.

Once you master the right first date questions and make that special someone fall in love, you’ll find yourself in a relationship. After awhile though that funny, entertaining, and honeymoon type feeling starts to fade. To get back to the best stages of a relationship watch my FREE video presentation. CLICK HERE to check out the video while you still can…