How to get back with your ex-boyfriend…

How to get back with your ex-boyfriend…

Are you sure you want to know how to get back your ex-boyfriend? In at least 50% of cases of when women want their ex back – they were too good for their ex boyfriend.

I think a good idea is a solid analysis of whether or not getting back with your ex is actually a good idea.

If it IS a good idea to get him back, I can give you some amazing techniques that have a track record of success. But let’s establish whether getting him back is a good idea or not first.

I can tell you everything you need to do to kick start this process, to get him attracted again, to restart the relationship, to get him to desire you.  My advice has been known to make men go so wild they leave their old girlfriends just to rekindle old flames.

Before I do that, I want to give you a quick test to see whether this is something you really want to go through with.

So I’ve got three questions for you.

First, can you see a future with this guy, seriously?

Would he be a good husband?

For example, how does he deal with problems?

One of the best signs of a husband, a good husband, is a guy who deals with problems really well. To get back your ex-boyfriend think about your future with him.  Picture living day in and day out with him.

For example maybe you have a relationship problem – a really good sign is that he is willing to talk about it, he’ll be honest, he’ll be open about it and he’ll look at doing solutions.  He’d be open to reading books, seeing a therapist, or going on a retreat.

He’s not resistant and he’s flexible.

I know, for me personally, when a woman wants to get back her ex-boyfriend I immediately ask her questions about how he tended to fix issues in his own life. To get back together with  your ex boyfriend you’ve got to look forward to the future.

What about problems in his own life?  Maybe he’s lost his job or has gone through some sort of trauma, how does he deal with it?  Does he shirk his responsibilities or does he own up to what he has to do.

Does he just shut off and have poor coping skills or does he put strategies in place to get his happiness back and get his life back on track?

One of the best skills, one of the best things you want to look for in a potential husband is a guy who works really well with adversity.  When things go wrong, he has a strong support network.  He’s got good coping skills and he’s open to letting other people help.

Bad things are going to happen in life. How he deals with them shows what sort of man he is. Before you start thinking about how to get back with your ex-boyfriend, you need to understand that not all men are created equal.  You want a stud, not a dud.

The second question I have is did the relationship make you feel good and was it a positive influence in your life?

Look at the time you were together, did your marks at university increase, did your income go up, did your level of happiness improve?  Was your life clearly better when he was around than when he wasn’t?

Did the relationships with your friends and family get better?

Sometimes just love isn’t enough, you want to look at the effect that the relationship had on you in your life. To get back your ex-boyfriend is to understand the influence on your entire life.

Good relationships have a very positive effect on your life.

The third thing to look at is, how does he treat you?

Does he treat you with respect?

Does he make you feel good about yourself?

Does he make you feel attractive and loved and wanted?

Be honest here, how he treats you is everything. Don’t even bother trying to get your ex-boyfriend if he treats you poorly.  This is about making YOUR life better.

There’s no problem, there’s no good thing in finding your perfect guy if he treats you badly. To get back your ex-boyfriend is really about making sure that relationship is a good idea.

What’s the point in a relationship where the guy doesn’t make you feel good?

It’s not just about who he is, it’s also about the connection between the two of you and in particular, whether he treats you like a princess or not. Make sure that you think first before you get back your ex-boyfriend.

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