How to get your ex-husband back…

How to get your ex-husband back…

When you want to get your ex-husband back you’ve got to learn my technique of “Stepping out of the situation.”

Getting your ex-husband back is going to be a hard journey.  A broken marriage or separation is the harsher side of a relationship, but it doesn’t have to be the end.  You see, mending a broken marriage can be a healthy exercise.  Marriage is a much more complex yet far more nourishing relationship.  Mending it will take some know-how and a bit of strategy.  The trick is to think from your ex-husbands perspective.

Change the way you think

I do not know the specifics of why your marriage is on the rocks.  I don’t know if you’re divorced or just taking a time out from each other.  If you’re merely separated, then there are plenty of things you can do to try and get your ex-husband back.  The thing is to not make him the aggressor.  If you feel your marriage is on the rocks because of his behavior or something he’s doing, then stop and think for a moment.

My biggest advice to people in relationships is to always remember that there are two people together.  It’s easy to think that our partner is the source of all the problems and that we are guilty of no wrongs ourselves.  We do not look critically at ourselves first before going off on our partner.  This is entirely the wrong approach.

From my years of dating coaching, I’ve found that whenever a problem comes up, there’s always two ways to look at it, no matter what either partner thinks is true.  You are not perfect, and nor is your ex-husband, and it’s important to recognize that.  Think about the last time you and he had a really big argument.  Were you always blaming him?  Was he the one gumming up the works?

The “Stepping out of the situation” method

Now is the time to look at your relationship objectively.  That means, don’t blame him, don’t blame yourself, don’t blame anyone, just look at the situation from as far outside of yourself as you can.  You’ll see that a lot of your problems are a mix of things.  Maybe you or your ex-husband happen to be stubborn and sometimes circumstances outside of your control come together to create a horrible situation.

Recognizing this is the first step to looking at your marriage the right way.  How can you fix problems when your emotions are all tied up?  Using this “stepping out of the situation” method is going to go a long way in answer the question how to get your ex-husband back.  With this new perspective, you can find the parts of your relationship that are causing the project and cut them straight out.

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