How to get your husband in the mood…

How to get your husband in the mood…

Learning how to get your husband in the mood might just save your relationship.

Your most powerful tool in your arsenal is your woman’s intuition.  It can tell you all about your man.  I have lots of women emailing me about their husband’s lethargic libido. To get your husband in the mood you might need to change your approach.

You actually know the answers deep inside you, that is to say right now, about how you can get your husband in the mood. I found that you can be the expert on whatever it takes to get your husband in the mood if you can learn to trust your instincts and go with your gut.

It’s seriously is not a mystery and you can look everywhere you want, but I guarantee right now, you know what the answers are. Teaching yourself how to get your husband in the mood requires using your natural inbuilt female intuition.

So I want to give you three exercises to see if you can tap into your female intuition more and see if you can figure out the answer you’re looking for. Watch the results!

First, get a large pad of paper.  If you’re feeling really artistic, get a canvas from a local arts and supplies store and setup a mini studio in your house.  In the middle, write the question, “What turns my husband on?”  Start brainstorming!  There are no wrong answers in a brainstorm.

I want you to draw lines and arrows and circles and answers and I don’t want you to stop until you’ve literally got dozens and dozens of answers.

Be sure that you don’t spend too much time thinking.  This is an exercise in intuition.  You might end up with dozens of answers.  Start picking through them for inspiration.

The second thing I want you to do is do some basic meditation. Sometimes the mistake women make with trying to get your husband in the mood is not finding your own ideas. Or losing that sense of confidence.  Meditation will help you find your center.

I want you to go somewhere with no distractions, maybe a park or a quiet study in your house. I want you to get rid of your phone, anything at all, and I want you to sit there and I just want you to think about what could possibly get your husband in the mood.

All the things that could get him turned on, what could make him want sex more.  I want you to just sit there until you find the answer.

It could be ten minutes, it could be one hour.  Meditation is a gradual thing.  You might get frustrated, angry, stressed and annoyed, but I want you to relax through that process and see if you can get better at tapping into that female intuition that you’ve got right now and you’re not using enough.

There are meditation retreats led by Indian gurus if you really feel that that would help you in learning how to properly meditate.  I went once, and it was a life changing experience.

The third thing I want you to do is when you’re with the husband, I want you to just look at him, but without saying anything. To get your husband in the mood you need to get in touch with his energy.

I want you to see if you can generate more of a connection with him. You’ll be able to get your husband in the mood if you can increase this connection.

See if you can tune in to him and get on his frequency and his wavelength, tap into his mind.  If you can move in sync with his energy, you’ll easily find his buttons and learn how to get him in the mood to make love.

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