Good Parenting… Or GREAT Parenting?

Good Parenting… Or GREAT Parenting?

Police pay a visit to a father who shot daughter’s laptop in viral video over Facebook complaint.

That’s the headline on the DailyMail article about Tommy Jordan.  This story will sound unhinged, and it shows you how sometimes parents can go off the rails.

Like any father, Tommy was having trouble managing his relationships. But not with his wife, he was having trouble managing his relationship with his DAUGHTER! (As any father knows: This can be tougher than managing your relationship with your wife.)

After reading this post on his daughter’s Facebook wall, Tommy lost it:

– – – – – – –

To my parents,

I’m not your damn slave. It’s not my responsibility to clean up your s**t. We have a cleaning lady for a reason. Her name is Linda, not Hannah.

If you want coffee, get off your ass and get it yourself. If you want a garden, shovel the fertiliser yourself, don’t sit back on your ass and watch me do it. If you walk in the house and get mud all over the floor that I just cleaned, be my guest, but clean it up after you are done getting s**t everywhere.

I’m tired of picking up after you. You tell me at least once a day that I need to get a job. You could just pay me for all the s**t that I do around the house. Every day when I get home from school, I have to do dishes, clean the counter tops, all the floors, make all the beds, do the laundry and get the trash. I’m not even going to mention all the work I do around your clinic.

And if I don’t do all that every day, I get grounded. Do you know how hard it is to keep up with chores and schoolwork? It’s freaking crazy.

I go to sleep at 10 o’clock every night because I am too tired to stay up any longer and do anything else. I have to get up at five in the morning, to get ready for school. On the weekends, I have to sleep with my door locked so my little brother won’t come get me up at six.

I’m tired of this bulls**t. Next time I have to pour a cup of coffee, I’m going to flip s**t. I have no idea how I have a life. I’m going to hate to see the day when you get too old to wipe your ass and you call me, asking for help. I won’t be there.

Your Pissed Kid,

– – – – – – –

Just hours later, Tommy put nine bullets into Hannah’s laptop. Then posted the video on her Facebook wall – so her friends and their parents could see it, too.  This is no joke, he really did it.

I’ll link you to the video in just a minute… but first… I’d like to know, what do YOU think about this kind of parenting?  Don’t you think it’s a bit extreme to do that?

Do you think this is the “right” way to build a relationship with your daughter?

What would YOU have done, if you were in Tommy’s shoes?

I’ve got to tell you – I love his reaction on some fronts. On others, I worry it may have been too extreme.

Some people may think that using a gun is violent and that someone could have been hurt.  This is almost too strange to be true.

Let me explain:

As you discover in Relationship Rewind, the book, relationships of ANY kind (even the relationship between a father and his daughter) go through stages of Blissful happiness and stages of Drifting apart, emotionally.

It sounds like Tommy and his daughter Hannah were Drifting apart. In a non-romantic relationship.  They were no longer communicating, no longer seeing eye to eye on many fronts.

What usually happens in the Switch or in Drift phase is this: One partner over reacts. One partner shoots the other’s laptop, in an effort to get more attention. Or more respect.  It’s a way of reasserting roles in the relationship.

However, this usually backfires.  This happens because the other person isn’t just going to be submissive.  They’re going to react, out of fear or out of a need to assert themselves.

I’m not sure how Hannah reacted to her dad doing that.  She might think that one day her dad will eventually shoot her.  She might be really afraid, which is why this incident is so disturbing.  What do you do when you enter the phase of your relationship where you’re trying to assert your position.

Instead: I recommend sitting down and hashing out your differences using the techniques I show you in Relationship Rewind. Why? Because they give you an “edge” in the conversation. And makes sure you partner hears YOUR side of your story.

Still want to see Tommy shoot Hannah’s laptop? I don’t blame you 😉

Here’s a link to the video (scroll down to the bottom of the post. He starts shooting near the end)

Have A Happy Relationship,

– Ryan

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