Help me get my ex back!

Help me get my ex back!

It’s very tough to get back with your ex, but here’s some food for thought…
Help me get my ex back

One of the principles I want to teach you that’s really going to help you get your ex back is based on the idea that big things happen a little bit at a time. I read a story about a guy who ran across America.

He ran from the west coast to the east coast and this guy wasn’t much of a runner.  They asked him how he did it and he said he ran from one telephone pole to the next one.

He said if he thought about the whole run and the whole distance he was going he would have quit and just given up. What persistence! You can accomplish the same thing.

When you are affected by a break up it’s very easy to lose your focus and get overwhelmed.  You start to think that getting her back will be absolutely impossible. Don’t focus on the end goal, focus on getting there!

You might want to get your ex back, but feel like it’s too big a deal, and a massive task. You might think about improving yourself and simply give up because it’s hard. You’ll ask yourself where you’re going wrong, and then possibly give up.

So what I highly recommend for you to do is to begin to identify some very small steps, some things you can do right now, this hour or today that can make a difference.

These are the three areas I want you to look.  By just focusing on small changes in these areas you can make great strides overall.  These will provide the answers to how you can get your ex back.

The first one is your positive energy. No, it’s not some new age ideal.  There really is such a thing as exuding positive energy and having that leak out into every part of your day.  If you can get a little bit more of a positive mental attitude about yourself, other people will react. The first step to get your ex back are really about you shifting from negative to positive.

This may be really difficult right now if you’re dealing with a bad breakup.  Who can think positive when everything seems so awful?

This is really the first area you want small steps to start occurring. To get your ex back you’ve got to get yourself in a more optimistic frame of mind.

The second step to renewing your relationship is working on how you feel. It’s really time for you to start feeling better, to start feeling more attractive and to start feeling healthier. To start feeling a bit more confident.

Start feeling better about yourself!

So find activities, find things you can do that give you a dose of good emotions. When I wanted to get my ex back I immediately went to the gym and started working out.

Anything that’s going to make you feel good at all, go shopping, hit the gym, get outdoors, make some new friends.

Make sure you’re focusing on feeling good and positive.

Whatever techniques or tools you learn to get your ex back specifically are going to work a hell of a lot better if you’re feeling good. To get my ex back I had to reinvent myself and find new hobbies. This also helped to get me to stop focusing on the negative, and more on the positive.

So go to a theme park, hit the beach, go out for a few drinks, go out and enjoy yourself and feel good.

The third area you want to take some small steps on is your relationship with your ex.

You can look at making small inroads to reestablishing a connection or simply just creating an avenue for you to reconnect. When I started to get my ex back it was really about small little steps.  After all, we broke up for a reason.  It takes time to get trust back.

See for me, I’ve reconnected with a lot of exes on Facebook very easily because you can see what things they’re up to, and they can comment on your status.

So sometimes it’s those small little bits of communication that can give things a kick start.

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