High School Arguments

High School Arguments

So, how do you handle a fight when you’re at school?  How do you keep your relationship from exploding out into other parts of your life?

What happens when you and your girlfriend have a fight during school hours? For those of you who have ever found yourself in this situation, you already know how embarrassing this can be. It’s difficult to resolve as well. So what should you do?  What should you look out for.

First, try to explain gently to your date that you’d rather talk about this later in private. Don’t be alarmed if this only outrages the other person and they begin screaming or insulting you. They may think that this means you want to keep things quiet because you want to break up with them or because you want to save face. Try to let them know that it’s only because this is a personal matter and should be discussed in private.

This is actually rather optimistic.  As you most likely already know, when an argument starts, it’s hard to keep our cool.  We do not usually tell the other person in a calm and soothing manner that the high school hallway is not the best venue for an argument.  You must take care to be the person that is more in control.  This might take some practice, but it would also behoove you to keep an eye on your own “emotional meter.”

Next, let them know how you feel in a few words to help tide them over until you can talk and perhaps calm them down. If you still love her, tell her. Saying, “I still love you, I’m just a little upset about some things” can help reassure her that everything will be okay and you can talk about it later. If you’re late for class saying something like, “I can’t talk now because I’m late for class, but I want to talk after school and understand how you’re feeling” lets her know that you do want to understand. Show that you’re willing to listen, but that it can’t be now in the schoolyard.

Then walk away. She won’t continue to scream at you if you aren’t around to listen. She either wants you to hear what she’s saying, embarrass you, or fix the situation immediately. Regardless of her plans, if you aren’t there, she can’t do anything about it.

This is actually quite hard.  You see, we have the need to act out in front of others to get their validation.  Some people take their arguments in public because they are not confident enough in their own position and they feel they need outside validation to win.  This is passive aggressive and you do not need it.

After school, make sure that you follow through. Send her a text or give her a call and ask to meet her somewhere. Then talk about your problems together and reach a conclusion. As long as you listen to what she’s saying, she will listen to you and you’ll both be able to reach a decision about the future of your relationship and resolve the argument at hand.

Arguments happen in any relationship, regardless of age. However, there are ways to get back to the best stages of a relationship…and prepare yourself to avoid future fights. CLICK HERE now to watch my FREE video while you still can…