How Do You Get Your Boyfriend Back

How Do You Get Your Boyfriend Back

Dreaming of rekindling your old relationship?  You need to think of a way on how do you get your boyfriend back!

So you and your boyfriend broke up, but you want him back! Many women find themselves in similar situations and will try anything to win back the heart of that special man. But how do you get your boyfriend back, exactly? Though it is a difficult process and does not work for everyone, there are a number of ways in which you can mend the relationship and have that handsome guy back in your arms.

Break ups are hard, but understand something: you broke up for a reason.  Some couples are off and on.  I’ve seen couples who had gone through several rough patches and broke up almost weekly only to put together like Humpty Dumpty only a few weeks later.  It may just be the ebb and flow of a relationship.  Always remember that time works out a lot of things on their own.  If not, here is some food for thought.

I really do want to get my boyfriend back!

First of all, ask yourself why you broke up in the first place. Did you break up with him? Did he break up with you? What was the cause of it all? If you are unsure of the reason, think back to the time you were together. Were you too clingy, or were you too distant? Did you do something that upset or hurt him? Though it may be tricky to determine the cause of the break-up, once you figure it out, you can move on to step number two.

The second step is to fix your mistake. Sometimes this can be a challenge if you are not on a talking basis anymore, but that does not mean it is not possible. If your relationship was ruined because of your excessive clinginess, fix the problem by giving him his space and do not try to contact him. If he wants you back, he will come to you. However, if you were distant and neglected him, contact him and let him know that you still care. Ask him how he is and how his life is going. Fixing your small mistakes is sometimes enough to win back his affections.

The third step is to play a bit of hard to get.  Remember, we never beg.  We don’t want the man to use us for our body.  A lot of guys will stoop to this if they feel that they hold all the cards in the reconciliation, and you need to make sure he realizes that you are going to maintain your self respect.  Do not fall into this trap.

I think we can work it out…

However, for those big mistakes, you have to do more than to just fix them. Did he catch you kissing another man? Even if it was a momentary lapse in judgment, this type of mistake is the worst you can make. By issuing the sincerest apology you can muster, you have the chance of getting your boyfriend back.

Always remember, use a bit of sex appeal.  You want to be a brand new woman for him.  You want your relationship to take a new turn.  You want to have it head in a new direction you never dreamed of before.  Who knows, you may not even want him back after your transformation.