How Healthy Is Your Relationship?

How Healthy Is Your Relationship?

A healthy relationship keeps the puzzle pieces fitting together.

Whether you’re still together, broken up or somewhere in between… every relationship falls SOMEWHERE on the “Healthy or Not” spectrum.


For example:

* A marriage can be healthy and happy – with children, a white picket fence and a “perfect” life…

* A divorce can be healthy, but not happy – when one partner is bad for the other one, but gone… even though the healthy partner wants them back…

* A break up can be both unhappy and unhealthy – when both partners are miserable, and the relationship they left behind was MUCH much better than being alone…

… The trouble is… when you’re hurt and angry… it’s hard to tell whether you gave up something good for you. Or broke away from something bad.

That’s why Psychology Today developed a Relationship Health Test you can take for ANY relationship you’re in. (Whether you’re still together… drifting apart… or completely fallen out of love.)

Answer these questions honestly – you can think back to before you broke up, if you have to – and see whether you’re chasing a healthy relationship, or not.

Click this link for the full test.

Have A Happy (And Healthy!) Relationship,

– Ryan