How to contact your ex-boyfriend…

How to contact your ex-boyfriend…

I want to give you three principles to know whether or not it’s a good idea to contact your ex-boyfriend again or to contact your ex-boyfriend

These three things are not hard and fast rules, but more like general ideas to think about when thinking about reconnecting with your ex-boyfriend.

Think of this as your easy 3-step “contact Your ex-boyfriend” game-plan.

The first thing is asking yourself,  “Has he changed? Has he developed or grown or improved? In as far as action speak louder than words, so has he really changed?”

Has he improved himself?

Does he look different?  Does he dress better?

Is his life different?

Is he heading in a different direction?

Has he raised his standards?

Has he stepped his life up to the next level?

These are the sort of things you want to know about him because there’s no point if he hasn’t done these things. i I he’s still the guy he used to be, well he’s never going to change.

Don’t even bother to contact your ex-boyfriend unless he’s improved as a person. If he hasn’t move on, just got find another guy.  Remember, dating and relationships are about improving YOU.  No reason not to be a little selfish.

The second thing you want to ask yourself is “Why am I even thinking about contacting my ex-boyfriend?”  Your motivation for doing so is important.  A lot of times we do things that our emotions propel us to do without giving it too much forethought.

Only contact your ex-boyfriend if you actually think you’re doing it for the right reasons.  Don’t do it because you selfishly want something from him or are unrealistic about your expectations of getting back together.

These are the important elements to decide whether to contact ex-boyfriend or not:

He is potentially your soul mate.

He makes you feel great about yourself.

He’s makes life really worth living.

Sometimes the easiest person in the world for us to lie to is our selves, so really make sure you’re not lying to yourself here because it’s much easier to do it than you think. Don’t contact your ex-boyfriend unless he fits those criteria above. Don’t be an amazing woman with terrible taste in men – there are enough of those in the world already.

Are you really thinking with your head or heart?

Really, think about your motivations and be self aware.  You must be certain that he’s not a bad influence on your life. To contact your ex-boyfriend I believe that he’s got to add value to your life. Or else, why bother?

The third thing to consider if you want to contact your ex-boyfriend is to think about how much contact you’ve had with him since the breakup.

How did the relationship end?

Was it messy?

Have you stayed friendly with him since you broke up, or has there been nothing but radio silence?  Do you think you two would get straight back into an argument?

Have you been putting a lot of thought into the sort of contact you’ve had since your relationship and how the two of you last communicated?  Because this is going to heavily influence your strategy and how you contact your ex-boyfriend to see him again. To contact your ex-boyfriend is a real risk of going backwards in your life – so make sure it is the right decision.

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