How To Find Happiness In 6 Words…

How To Find Happiness In 6 Words…

This may shock you, coming from a heterosexual, middle aged American man… but… I believe Oprah’s O Magazine featured one of the most interesting articles I’ve ever read.

And within it, I found one of the BEST Happiness Tools I’ve ever discovered.happiness

Here’s exactly what I mean:

(If you’re a proud, masculine, American man like me, you’ll have to suspend your macho-man instincts for a minute. Just trust me: There’s good stuff in this post. Happiness awaits.)

In the last issue of O Magazine (and on her website, if you follow this link.) Oprah encouraged her readers to summarize their life stories in only 6 words.

Then, she featured the results.

Neat idea, right? Well, the editors of SMITH magazine thought so, too. Actually, they thought so, first. They’ve been running the six word life story contest for years.

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s answer to the question, “What’s the shortest complete story?”…

… His answer: “For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.”…

Some of my favorites: “Old too soon. Smart too late.” “Survived the divorce. Learned to live.” “Sorry I’m not married yet, MOM.”

(You can check out 38 more, here.)

happinessThing is, SMITH magazine hasn’t just used this six word story technique for your life. They give other topics and other contests, around the year.

Whether it’s six words about a Halloween memory, a six word POEM instead of a story… or six words you wish you said to a bully from long ago… they’ve had tons and tons of different topics for writers.

This got me thinking:

This six word story technique could be a great HAPPINESS TOOL, too.

happinessHow, you ask?

For me, life gets complicated when I have too much stuff going on upstairs, in my head.

When I’m faced with complicated problems or issues, I get overwhelmed. Sometimes even so paralyzed, I can’t breathe or move.

When I was going through my relationship struggles, I felt this “unclear”, “murky”, and “over-thinking” feeling ALL THE TIME!

And it wasn’t until I got clarity… goals… and a step by step ACTION process, that I was able to find my way out.

How? I boiled down my situation and found the absolute bare minimums of each situation.

The simplest pieces it could possibly be made of.

This six word story idea can help you do that for yourself. It can help you find the happiness that you desire and that has always been so elusive.

For example:

Tired of fighting with your girlfriend? Give me six words about your relationship fights.

(Mine: Mad at night. Sorry in the morning.)

Worried about your children, if you’re going through divorce? Try planning a strategy for keeping them safe – but do it in just six words.

(An example: Little ears remember way too much. That’s my clunky way of saying, “Don’t fight in front of the kids.”)

Even: Are you ready to start a new life in a brand new relationship? Pep yourself up in six words.

(Think: Fresh, Free, On Top Of World!)

happinessTry one of these six word stories for yourself.

In fact, share your six word stories with me, in the comments below.

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with 🙂

Find Happiness in your Relationship,

– Ryan Rivers