How to Find Love

How to Find Love

Have you been looking to find love?

So many people are looking to find the love of their life but cannot seem to find anyone who is interested. Or they cannot find anyone that they are interested in. Why is this?

find loveThere are two reasons why this happens.

1 – Where do you spend your time? Many people stay at home or hang out with the same group of friends and family. When you spend all of your time with people you already know, you do not have the opportunity to meet new people.

I’m not saying that you should give up spending time with your friends and family. You should definitely continue to be an active part of their lives and enjoy yourself by spending time with them. I’m merely asking that you find some time to spend in a place where you don’t know anyone and have the opportunity to meet new people.

Do you love rock climbing or running? Join an outdoors club or a running club. You can go to and search groups that interest you.

Already so busy that you don’t have time to join a new group or go to a variety of social events? Try speed dating. Simply googling “speed dating” will help you find services in your area. This can be a quick way to meet others and may turn into a real relationship if you find the right somebody.

2 – How do you feel about yourself? The people who find love usually like themselves. You don’t need to love yourself and you shouldn’t be overly arrogant either but you can’t hate yourself. If you hate yourself, you have less to offer. The person who loves themselves or likes themselves will have a much better chance at finding love.

If you’re looking to like yourself more and begin the process towards self-love then you may want to see a psychologist. They can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, then work with you to cultivate your love towards yourself by strengthening your weaknesses and recognizing your strengths.

Lastly, remember that love requires action. If you see a pretty woman that you’d like to ask out then do! If she says no, that’s all that will happen. You won’t die. It’ll be okay. If you’re a woman and you find yourself avoiding men then stop! You must be with them if you’re going to find one.

Don’t hold back. Let yourself loose. Play.

Then you’ll find love.