How to Fix Things With Your Girl

How to Fix Things With Your Girl

Follow these tips when you’re confused about how to fix things with your girl…

There will be times in your life when you’ll have people who are upset with you. Sometimes that person will be your girlfriend. What do you do if she’s upset with you and you don’t know why? How do you fix things with your girl?

Relationships have ups and downs.  That’s one thing every guy needs to understand.  If you didn’t fight with your girlfriend or have disagreements, then you two would just be friends and that’s it.  There wouldn’t be any passion or flame in your relationship, and there’s no point  to that at all.  So instead, learn to understand it’s all one big, fun process, and keep yourself on the winning team.

The best way to fix things with your girl is to find out what’s troubling her, acknowledge her feelings, share your feelings, and work towards a healthy compromise.

To find out what’s troubling her…ASK. It isn’t rocket science, but many men just wait for their girl to tell them. If you wait for her to come to you, she’ll feel like you don’t care enough to figure it out on your own. You aren’t asking her what’s wrong. Instead you’re just hiding out. Show her that you care and ask.

Don’t be a wimp about it though.  There are a lot of ways women try to subtly communicate their feelings that a man would never think about.  Remember, she wants you to take the initiative.  After all, you’re the man in the relationship!  She just wants you to constantly SHOW it by acting like a man would in various situations.

Next acknowledge her feelings. She’s allowed to feel the way that she does and you need to accept that. You don’t have to agree with her, but you need to accept that she is having these feelings.

Then share your feelings. Tell her how you feel about what’s troubling her and your reaction to what she’s just shared. Be honest. Don’t hold back, but don’t be mean or spiteful either.

Lastly, work together to find a healthy compromise. Apologize if necessary. Together you can work towards your future. This experience will end up being positive if you remember these steps. It will then ultimately better your communication skills and enable your relationship to – stand the test of time!

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