How to Get a Girl Back…

How to Get a Girl Back…

If you want to know how to get a girl back then it’s time you stepped up your attraction game.  

One of the most critical stages when you want to figure out how to get a girl back is called emotional recovery.

This is when you start to deal with the difficult emotions arising from your breakup.  This lasts a variable amount of time, depending on the person.

The emotional recovery period is where we find ourselves again, where we look back on the breakup and say to ourselves, “Where am I at now?  What did I learn from that relationship?”

Now no matter what information you get or tools or techniques you learn, to get your girl back, it’s critical that you go through a period of serious emotional recovery. Knowing how to get a girl back requires that you have the right mindset.

This is where you can really heal, deal with difficult emotions, and control really powerful feelings. Learning how to get a girl back can often come down to facing up to many of the harder aspects of your breakup.

So if you make the first step to having full emotional recovery it’s going to set you up very well for moving on in the future.  If you do want to get your ex back you are able to deal with that situation in the best way possible and not come at as if you were emotionally needy or desperate.

There are five stages to emotional recovery and I just want to run through these very quickly. These provide the foundation to knowing how to get a girl back.

The first one is called confusion, anger and agitation.

This is what just about everyone feels when they first breakup.  It’s normal, natural, and the quicker you work through it, the better.  

You fight those feelings on a lot of levels; emotionally, mentally you just simply resist and fight pretty much everything that’s going on.

The next stage is called denial. Dealing with denial is central to being certain of how to get a girl back. With denial you won’t get her back.  You have to know why it is you broke up and move on from there.

Denial can be a really painful situation because on some level you know the truth, but on many other levels you act like nothing’s happened.

The next stage of an emotional recovery is anger and depression.

This is where you start to take things personally and lash out.  Be sure to not lash out at others.  This is a critical stage in discovering how to get a girl back because you are beginning to let the negativity out.

The next stage is called the testing phase.

This is where you begin to test the waters again, to see where you’re really at, to see how you really feel and especially test many things with your girlfriend. Now that you’ve moved on past the old relationship, you can figure out how to make the new one work.

The final is called uneasy acceptance.

This is where you learn to deal with the breakup and you start to feel a sort of acceptance about what’s happened and what you’ve done and about how you can move forward. Having a clean slate is essential to how to get a girl back because you can actually work with information in a positive way.

Going through this process is important.  Don’t shy away from it, even if it feels awful.  You’ll come out all the better for it!

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