How to Get a Man Back…

How to Get a Man Back…

Getting a man back is all about your own self image.  The battle will not be to get him back, but to get yourself into a new way of thinking.

What I’m going to do in this article is help lay the foundation for you to have the best possible chance at getting your man back as possible. You’ll be able to take the first steps to discovering how to get a man back.

Dating is all about the mental game.  It’s not just about wearing the right dress or picking out the right makeup.  Those are part of it, but the game is all in the mind.  If you’re looking to get a man back, you have to think the right way, and understand his mindset.

First, work on your own mind.  Do not fall into the trap of circular thinking.  I’ll give you an example circular thinking.  You say to yourself, “I’m so depressed that I don’t have the energy to make things better and I don’t have the energy to make things better because I’m so depressed.”   That thinking spirals downward into an abyss.

Often after a breakup where you want to know how to get a man back you are having many repeated disempowering thoughts.

When I talked to a lot of people that are dealing with a difficult breakup, they are stuck in their cycles where they are reliving all of the bad parts of their relationship and never get past why it is they broke up in the first place.

You don’t have time to worry about finding all of the causes of your breakup.  It’s in the past.  Leave it there, because it cannot be changed.

You might be beating yourself up about how you could have saved the relationship.  If there was infidelity, perhaps you are blaming yourself for not being attractive enough.  Do not spend one more minute on these kinds of thoughts!

You’re not thinking about fixing the problem.  You’re not really working on the problem of how to get your man back. You’re just trapped with no way out.

It’s very easy when you suffer from a very traumatic breakup to be stuck in this kind of thinking. You need to change it if you are to ever know how to get a man back.

It’s very important that we learn to adjust our thinking for different things, different scenarios, so we can think about them in a healthy way. Tell yourself that you are attractive, and that the breakup is in the past.  You did your best, and now, you are ready to be 10 times as attractive as you were before.

Positive thinking helps us and empowers us.

Write down, right now maybe three or four things that you think about that make you feel bad when you think about them and they don’t seem to provide you with a solution.

Next to those see if you can write down a different way of thinking about the situation – possibly a new perspective or a new approach that doesn’t feel as bad. Change the way your brain is wired so you don’t feel so bad because of this situation. Do that and how to get a man back will become clearer to you.

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