How To Get An Ex-Boyfriend Back

How To Get An Ex-Boyfriend Back

If you want to get an ex-boyfriend back, you need to have a good game plan and play for keeps.

You want your ex-boyfriend back and you want him back now.  That’s understandable, and we’re going to go over some strategies that you can employ RIGHT NOW to fix your relationship and get things back to the way they were, or even better!  Remember, it’s all about the inner game, what happens in the mind.

What steps should I take?  I really want him back!

First, focus on why it is you actually want to get back with  your ex-boyfriend.  Make sure it is for all the right reasons, and not for the wrong ones.  If there has been infidelity, realize that “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”  Forgiving him does not mean we allow them to hurt us again.  Remember, the best relationships begin by respecting yourself and we can’t respect ourselves when we allow ourselves to be deceived.

I KNOW I want him back. This is not a fluke, I want to go back to the way things were before.

Okay, so you want your ex-boyfriend back and you know you are not doing it just because you want things to return to the way they used to be.  He is not going to make your life worse.  But, how do we re-open the lines of communication when the breakup has caused so much pain?  I do not know how messy your breakup was, but most breakups leave both parties feeling emotionally drained.

Don’t make your intentions clear right off the back.  Just try to bump into him in a place you’ll know he’ll be.  It’s a thing I call “planned spontaneity.”  You want him to think that you two have reconnected purely by chance.  Just try to see what he is doing and what he is up to.  Do remember to do some light flirtation at first.  See if he responds.  You have to test the waters to see if the endeavor is a wash from the outset.

Be courageous!  

If he responds to your flirtations, then you know he’s into you and that you can repair the damage from the breakup.  Act like it never happened.  Start over on a fresh new leaf of a new page in a new book.  Don’t leave your mind in the past, because it will not help you create a new, fresh relationship.

Now, you need to tease him.  You need to create a little mystery, and tug on him a bit.  You want to seem interested in starting a new relationship, and then you want to seem like you’re still thinking about it.  Men love a little mystery.  Teasing men always works, because they don’t want to feel like their quarry was too easy.

Now, he’s shown interest in getting back together, and you’ve been building attraction by teasing him.  Now, it’s time to wow him, and that means sex appeal.  When you go out on your first official date, look absolutely fantastic.  Make up, dress, heels, and body should all be first rate.  He’ll feel like an idiot for having broken up with you in the first place.

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