How to Get Over a Broken Heart…

How to Get Over a Broken Heart…

When you want to understand how to get over a broken heart you realize that it’s actually a choice.How to Get Over a Broken Heart

Certainly most important thing in this point in time is to realize that you will get over this if you want to.  The mind has the power to do this.  

Getting over a heartbreak or bad relationship is a very active process. You don’t accidentally learn how to get over a broken heart. Knowing how to get over a broken heart is actually something you’ve got to actively ‘do’.  Sounds strange?  Read on.

You can sit on the couch for the next five years and you may not get over this relationship – time isn’t always the best healer, although it can be helpful.  Things don’t work themselves out by themselves magically, it requires personal effort.

Discovering how to get over a broken heart really is an active process so whether you go visit a therapist, start reading some books or start to change your lifestyle – you’ve got to begin to make it happen.

The more action you can take and the more active responsibility you take in this process, the faster you’re going to get over a heartbreak. Just thinking about your ex and falling into misery and dealing with the grief in a really unhealthy way, that’s just going to make it worse.

I think the path of emotional healing can be broken down into two parts:

The first part is to replace the source of all those love chemicals that you’ve got from your relationship. This sounds weird at first, but our brain is a chemical factory, and love can send our brain into a tizzy.  We’re used to receiving physical comfort and love, and now that our heart is broken, we have to get used to being alone again.

You see a lot of the times when we love someone or are in a relationship, our brain releases chemicals that make us feel good.  When you experience a break-up, you  go without them, and feel like a cocaine addict going cold turkey.

You will be entering the stage of withdrawal.

You can get much healthier sources of that energy of love and connection from a very healthy place. One of the best is from volunteering. You can actually master how to get over a broken heart by getting some feel good emotions from helping people and giving.

A friend of mine volunteers at a dog shelter where every Sunday she walks other people’s dogs and helps animals in the shelter.  It’s a nurturing, rewarding, positive feeling job and she feels great for doing it.

The second thing you can do, and it’s very powerful when talking about how to get over a broken heart, is to learn something called mindfulness.

It’s actually a Buddhist term originally, and one of the noble truths.  Mindfulness is a powerful technique dedicated to bringing peace and tranquility to your mind.  Mindfulness means to quiet the inner din of our minds and concentrate on just what we’re doing, without letting extraneous thoughts enter into our minds.  One of the best ways to practice mindfulness is to remain silent for a day and to focus on whatever thought comes into your mind, objectively.

It will help you get more control of your mind and deal with very difficult emotions and negative thinking patterns.

If you make this lifestyle change and take an active role in what you think, you’ll be getting over that heartbreak in no time. Figuring out how to get over a broken heart is will make you realize that the more effort you put in the greater the result you get.

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