How To Get Over An Ex Boyfriend

How To Get Over An Ex Boyfriend

The past is the past.  Give the past a funeral.  This is how to get over an ex-boyfriend.

You cannot change the past.  It’s over with.  Internalizing this fact of life is the key to so many different problems we face, including how to get over an ex-boyfriend.  I recently saw an episode of “Political Animals,” where the main character says that if you look toward the past, you cannot go on to the next great moment.

I know, this sounds like empty platitudes.  You need real, actionable advice that you can implement RIGHT away so that you can start feeling better.  A breakup can make the world stop spinning.  It can make life seem gray and almost lifeless.  Here are some things you can do right this second, from this moment on, to get over that ex-boyfriend.

Leave the house right this instant!  Get up, go outside, and start doing things you like doing. You cannot dwell on what’s happened, and you cannot sit at home and feel sorry for yourself.  You’ll enter into a cycle of self doubt and self hatred. The worst thing to do when getting over an ex-boyfriend is to allow yourself to be isolated.  You will begin to think the worst of the situation, and of yourself.

Do not  try to just dive into a new relationship right off the bat.  I This is called “dating someone on the rebound” and it can end poorly.  I have never heard a case of a healthy, long term relationship forming from a rebound relationship.  I know you want to have a boyfriend around.  It made you feel protected, safe, and above all, it made you feel like you were really wanted.  However, looking for a rebound partner is going to significantly lower your standards, and that’s never a good thing.

After you get outside and start doing things that will take your mind off of your ex-boyfriend, you can finally have your funeral.  Take the things that remind you of him, maybe a rose or a letter he wrote, put them in a box, and send them off to see.  Some people burn their old knickknacks, while others take their box of stuff and stash it in the closet to never be seen again.

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