How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

I received this heartfelt letter from one of my readers:

Dear Ryan,

What should I say if I want my ex boyfriend back? I miss him so much and I really want my ex boyfreind back as soon as possible!  Life just has not been the same since we broke up.  I feel like my life is no fun anymore, and that ever since he left me, a part of my heart has been missing.  I’d do anything to go back to the way things were.

I really felt the emotion coming from this letter and wanted to talk about it.  Getting an ex-boyfriend back is a very difficult thing to do, because the relationship ended for a reason.  Most of the time, I tell people to move on and find a new person.  It’s better to try new things in life than hang onto old flames.  However, for some people, that medicine is too bitter and they want to try and get their ex-boyfriend back.

If you want your ex boyfriend back, you need to regain confidence in who you are as a person.  You cannot come from a position of weakness or desperation.  You’ll see that this idea is a re-occurring theme in my articles, but I cannot stress it up.

I know you’re probably saying, “But I just want my ex boyfriend back” or perhaps “I want my ex boyfriend back, why would confidence help?” It helps immensely.  In fact, without a healthy dose of confidence, I’d say that you don’t have a chance. Confidence is sexy. I’m not talking arrogance. I’m talking about feeling happy with yourself.  Confidence is assertiveness and it is about being sure in who and what you are.

For years, I’ve been conducting studies about who can get the most from dating advice. I’ve found that people with high self-esteem tend to implement more of the advice, they take more action overall. If you truly want your ex boyfriend back then you need to find your confidence and own it.

One powerful thing with high self-esteem is you simply become more attractive to men. Sort out any childhood memories or other issues holding you back.  Start talking to yourself positively.  Never say that you are stupid, ugly, or not worthy.  These thoughts give you low self-esteem and make it so that you are unattractive.

There’s something about high self-esteem that men find very alluring and very mysterious. “I want my ex boyfriend back!” then take action!

Here are four little key pieces of advice that will help you boost your self-esteem.

The first piece of advice is to become very aware of the things you say to yourself. Negative self talk can really hurt your self-esteem. It can make you feel worthless and hopeless. Talk positively to yourself. Focus on improving your good qualities and try to diminish thinking about the bad qualities.  There’s always a way to think positively about just about anything.  You can CHOOSE how you think about something.

It’s really time for you to start being your own best friend, for you to start helping yourself more and to be compassionate with yourself. You’ll notice a huge boost in your self-esteem when you can actually begin to be your own best friend.  You’ve always been your own best friend, you’ve just forgotten.

The second thing is to do something that gives you a sense of worth.

For example, if you take up a martial art like aikido, you can gain self-esteem by being successful at it. If you continue with this for some time, it will increase your self-esteem because you’re investing yourself in something. You’re learning a new skill and you’ll be able to watch yourself get better over time.

Here’s the next tip about how to get your ex-boyfriend back!

The third thing is to stop tolerating negative things in your life.  That means switch jobs if your job is making you think negatively.  Get rid of ALL negative influences and people in your life.  Look at your life, look at anything that drains your energy, annoys you, frustrates you and look to remove these from your life as fast as you can.

Starting right now.

The fourth thing is to find a way to make your life more fun. It’s very difficult to have high self-esteem if you don’t enjoy your life. Sometimes we can get so busy with work, responsibilities, thoughts and others that we actually stop enjoying ourselves.

Begin now. Write a list of four or five fun things that you can do this week. Inspire yourself. Boost your confidence. Love who you are and you won’t need to say “I want my ex boyfriend back” because he’ll already be there.

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