How to Get Your Ex to Want You Back

How to Get Your Ex to Want You Back

I always find myself being approached by people with a common question: how to get your ex to want you back? Though this is a popular question, it is – by no means – simple to answer. Everyone is different, and something that is attractive to one person may be a turn off to another. However, there are a few tricks that various people have found success with when it comes to winning back their ex.

One of the most obvious tips is to look your absolute best. Though your attractiveness will not win back that ex alone, it will certainly be a huge help! Did you let yourself go after the break-up? Well, it’s time to get back in shape! Hit up the gym on a regular basis, and improve your health and body. Once he or she notices that you look amazing, they will be drawn to you and will take up a new interest in you. Though this advice may seem shallow, trust me – it definitely works!

Another tip is to text or call them every once in a while to see how they are doing. This is completely acceptable if you agreed to “still be friends” during the breakup. By sending them a simple text message, you can enter back into their lives. If you continue talking to each other on a regular basis, you might make plans to meet up or hang out sometime. It is likely that they will want you back if you end up having a great time together!

The last piece of advice is to focus on your own life and chase after your personal goals. If you let yourself become too distracted by your ex, you will lose sight of your dreams and hopes for the future. Focus on improving yourself, your career, and your life. Once your ex realizes how successful and happy you are, they will have no choice but to want you back.