How to Get Your Ex Wife Back

How to Get Your Ex Wife Back

When making up with an ex wife what is really important is how to clear the air between the two of you…

What you really need to do when making up with an ex wife is to develop the skill of how to give a heartfelt apology.  I know, it’s not the manliest thing in the world, but really, when you want to turn a new page and start a new relationship, then apologies are really the best way to go.  Let’s roll up our sleeves and talk about the art of apology.

So you can you give a very sincere, a very powerful apology that gets accepted and can build a bridge and really create a better connection between the two of you. This is really what making up with an ex wife is all about.

The first step to do is to take more responsibility for what you’ve done.

You really do have to I guess pay the price for whatever you’ve done to correct it, to deal with it, and to do give your best to make up for it. You know that making up with an ex wife is not just about talking. Often you need to have shown evidence that you mean it.

You can say you’re sorry but it’s really actions, it’s really what you to do that’s going to show whether you’re really sorry or not. Making up with an ex wife is about showing that you have changed.

It’s really important that you deal with the negatives and deal with the problems created and the issues and that you don’t deny them, you don’t argue about them, but you really do accept that you’ve caused a damage and be willing to accept some of the blame and to look at making a mess, that’s one thing of saying it but it certainly another thing to actually take action to correct.

Next is to ask for forgiveness.

Yes it’s really important that you take a very humble, take a very sincere, genuine approach to giving an apology and really ask for forgiveness, really make an effort to get the other person on your side, get them on your team. You ego is the barrier to making up with an ex wife. It’s what will stop you making up with an ex wife every time.

And the next thing is to move on.

If you keep bringing up old problems, if you keep causing then to be an issue, then it’ll keep being an issue. Start making up with an ex wife by moving on mentally from the past. Let go.

The good thing with an apology sometimes it allows you to lay the foundation for moving forward, from moving on. This is central to making up with an ex wife.  If you feel like you have to get the last word or you have to be right or you have to have all the power in your relationship, something like that, then your apology isn’t really going to work.

And it’s really important that you get into the habit of apologizing and accepting when you’re wrong.

And it’s really a powerful thing for you to get in the habit of doing this because it’s going to totally change how you’re ex wife sees you and how you’re able to deal with that.

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