How to get your wife in the mood…

How to get your wife in the mood…

Being able to get your wife in the mood is central to having a happy marriage.

One principle that I believe will really help to get your wife in the mood is the principle of touching as physical intimacy.  Getting your wife in the mood involves building up intimacy and desire, and touching is the most effective way to do this.

Getting your wife in the mood requires good foreplay.  You have to build up to it.  One thing I do to get my woman in the mood is to spend lots of time cuddling.  You simply lie next to your mate, and lightly feel each other’s skin.  Women respond to tactile stimulation even more so than men.  That’s why this method works.

You may have the best techniques in the world for turning a woman on, for giving her an orgasm and for somehow being a sexual hero, but you may not be able to get your wife to budge on saying “yes” to sex.

What works more than pretty anything else is having a lot of physical connection, touching, and closeness in your relationship. A key to get your wife in the mood is building that connection.

So I encourage you to spend more time touching your wife.  Give more hugs, hold her hand more often, kiss her more, or engage in more foreplay. Get your wife in the mood through building more tension.

You’ll find that the more you’re touching here and there, the more of a physical bond there is.  And you know what that means.  It means you’re going to have more sex. You can get your wife in the mood if you create the most powerful physical intimacy.

In order for her to want you she has to feel comfortable around you, and that there is a connection.  Some women are more in tune with their animal selves than others, but technique is a surefire way to spend more time in the bedroom.

Think back to when you first started dating.  A lot of times we just touch our partner without thinking about it.  When our relationship was just getting started, physical intimacy came naturally.

Maybe you want sex but maybe you’re not good and sharing physical contact and getting her warmed-up.

Perhaps you’re just not good enough at non-sexual touch because women need to have a lot of confidence and support and intimacy in relationships and one of the best sources of these feelings and emotions is being touched.

So I highly recommend going back to the drawing board and analyzing the amount of physical contact you have in your relationship. To get your wife in the mood is to enjoy your relationship.

Look to seriously ramp up how close you are physically and get her to feel comfortable and warm and trustworthy in your eyes.

You’ll find there’ll be a very close connection between the amount of touching in your relationship and the amount of sex you’re having.

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