How To Have A Better Marriage…

How To Have A Better Marriage…

We have a lot of experience with helping people just like you to have a better marriage.

I want to talk about a very powerful principle with regards to having a better marriage.  There’s a book written about it and I highly recommend getting this book if you can. It’s called “Radical Honesty” and it’s really about taking the level of honesty you have to a whole new level in your life, with yourself, and in particular, your relationship.

Usually increased honesty and a better marriage go hand-in-hand.

I’ve got to say the level of honesty that the author goes to in his relationships does scare me a little bit. I find his level of honesty to be very confrontational.  The author makes his case though that the root cause of many problems in relationships is a lack of honesty.  It’s better to say what you feel than suppress your feelings and explode later.

Having a better marriage is an excellent goal and this can be achieved with a dramatic surge in honesty in your relationship. You may think this is risky, but it will take a very big load off your shoulders. Not only can honesty help you have a better marriage, it’s a powerful feel good tonic at the same time.

Self censorship is a marriage killer.  The book goes into great detail at how many married couples experience a lot of problems simply by hiding each other’s feelings from each other for fear something awful will happen.  In fact, honesty can be very healthy.  Ripping the bandaid off now makes more sense.

I highly recommend as a way to have a better marriage, learn to be more honest with each other.

This will be a gradual process.  Learn to just say what you feel.  Saying what we think and how we feel straight out   We learn in our youth when to show our emotions and when not to, so undoing all of that programming will obviously take time.  Be patient with yourself!

You’ll find that being honest will decrease a lot of your anxiety, a lot of your stress and will strengthen the bonds of your relationship because as you set the lead of being more honest, your partner is going to feel motivated to be a little more honest as well.

Implement the concept of radical honesty in your relationship. It’s the secret to a better marriage.  Stop keeping secrets, stop hiding things and stop lying. Having a better marriage is worth any pain that is associated with truths.

All dishonesty does is cripple your self-esteem and reduce your self-worth and it’s like a toxic poison for how you feel about yourself. Having a better marriage is only one of the side-effects of being more honest Be radically honest.

So shed this completely, make an effort to be more honest with your partner than you’ve ever been before and more honest with yourself.

Your marriage will love you for it.

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