How to Make Your Boyfriend Want Sex

How to Make Your Boyfriend Want Sex

What can you do to make your boyfriend want sex?

I think what’s really important to understand is that sexual desire and the entire issue of sex very sensitive thing. If you want to make your boyfriend want sex more, it’s worth thinking about what might be causing the problem in the first place.

There are many things that can cause sexual issues – there’s many influences of his sex drive and if you want your boyfriend to have more sex than you’re currently having, you’ll need a strategy.  Men should want a healthy sex life unless they’re the asexual type.  Don’t despair: there ARE techniques you can use to get him in the sack.

there are three things you could get good at, first of all is building sexual tension. Building tension will make your boyfriend want sex.

Building sexual tension is a game.  You have to do it bit by bit.  You have to tease him.  You have to dangle it in front of him and then snatch it away.  Building sexual tension will actually increase the intensity of your love making once you do get him in bed.  It’s like a spring that just wants to snap.

Learn to be a master of sexual tension. Generate massive desire and tension and make him put forth effort to attain you. Don’t just give in and make it easy. Do that and you’ll really make your boyfriend want sex.

The second thing you can do is be good at pushing him to the point of no return.

Guys will resist sex up to a point until they simply cannot say no. So become an expert at getting him to that point.  Every guy’s point is different, but know this, once he gets started he instinctively cannot stop once he’s past this point.

So learn to be persistent, determined, and push until he has no other way out but to make love.  You can do this in many ways.  It might mean that you’ll have to be more aggressive and play with him.  Make out and do a lot of touching.  Rub his chest and touch his skin as much as possible to start the hormones going.

Many women quit and give up too quickly. Women in a sexless relationship tend to get less sex than a man in a sexless relationship because women aren’t typically as persistent as men. They quit too quickly. You want to make your boyfriend want sex by pushing him past the point of no return.

And the third thing is to get into the habit of regular sex, sometimes having sex daily is just the matter of getting into the groove of it.  If you do it regularly, his body will begin to expect it and he’ll be more comfortable.  Often the key to make your boyfriend want sex is to make sex a very regular habit. You just do it without thinking about it too much and you avoid falling out of the habit.

Think of regular sex as a habit and work really hard to get into the habit to begin with, and once you do that it will be a lot harder to fall out of it.

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