How to Make your Ex-Girlfriend Want You

How to Make your Ex-Girlfriend Want You

This point of time you might be wondering how to have sex with your ex-girlfriend.How to make your ex girlfriend want you

So you want to rekindle the romance between you and your ex?  Are you looking to restart your relationship, or are you just looking for some of the passion you two shared, but without the long term relationship?  I can give you some seduction tips that work just for ex-girlfriends to get you two in the sack in no time.

I had a friend once whose girlfriend cheated on him.  It was a really bad situation because I was friends with him and with his girlfriend AND the guy she was cheating on him with.  For me, it was an awful situation to know what was going on and then to watch the fallout.  My friend and his girlfriend broke up over her infidelity, and I thought that they would never get back together again.

Well, a few weeks later I had a big surprise.  My friend and his girlfriend were still hooking up!  I won’t get into the gory details of how I found out, but I was shocked to see that they still kept the passion for each other alive.  They never got back together though as a couple, but I know that they have secret meetings now and again.  How did that happen?

Well my friend knew how to seduce his ex-girlfriend.  He made it so she was addicted to him physically and wanted to still make love to him.  For him, it was a good arrangement.  He could have sex without the commitment.  He used a little known trick I like to call “forbidden fruit.”

Forbidden fruit is the sweetest fruit they say.  A lot of times women are attracted to the unattainable bad boy.  His ex-girlfriend cheated on him for that reason and started a relationship with a new guy.  Then, she went back to her old boyfriend because it was risqué.  He was the forbidden fruit, and she wanted a taste.

What does this story mean for you?  You need to be the “forbidden fruit” to your ex-girlfriend, that rare and hard to attain find.  Make it known that you’re interested, but constantly tease your ex-girlfriend.  Make her think that getting you back would be everything, and then act as if you are disinterested.  This push and pull will build attraction, and she won’t be able to resist.

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