How To Make Your Ex Jealous

How To Make Your Ex Jealous

Knowing how to make your ex jealous is a snap if you know how.

There’s no bigger self-esteem boost than to make an ex jealous of the new you.I want to give you five things you can do that will always work to make your ex jealous.These are the things that will probably send them over the edge and make them go absolutely crazy.

You’ll never wonder how to make your ex jealous again.

So here they are – the first thing you can do is act really cool and unaffected.

So if you keep bumping into your ex where you catch up with them, act like nothing ever happened.  As far as you are concerned, nothing’s wrong and you totally forgot the relationship.

That will show you how to make your ex jealous by creating real envy that you have more moved on more than they have.

You want to be as relaxed and as cool as a cucumber, where you want your ex wondering how you’re so cool and how you’re able to get over them so fast.

Learn how to make your ex jealous by being more “over” your relationship than they are.

Try and get out and find someone new.  If you can move on from your old relationship and flirt with new partners, you’ll look secure and enjoying your life.

Hit the dating game running.  You want them to have no idea as to how you found a new mate.  A famous man once said living well is the best revenge.  When it comes to figuring out how to make your ex jealous, truer words were never said.

The third thing to do that will really make your ex jealous is to look at moving away, you know, better if it’s another city.  Heck, I’ve known someone who moved to a different continent.

That’s going to show you how to make your ex jealous by giving your ex a feeling of loss.

They will start to realize that they are missing out on living the life.  They had their chance with you, but now, they’ve lost you forever as you are now out living the life so many people only dream of.

The fourth thing you can do is start to use social networking to help you, post really happy photos on your Facebook, have really exciting status update, maybe pictures of you with attractive people and making new friends.

Learn how to make your ex jealous by enjoying your life more than they are.

Showing your ex you’re having a lot more fun than they are, you’re getting over the relationship way quicker than they are, and that they’re miserable and depressed while you’re out there, you are enjoying yourself is the strategy you should employ.

And the fifth thing you want to do to make your ex jealous is to work hard on your inner self.

That means building your self-esteem and your confidence, being at peace, and healing from any emotional trauma.  This will be an intuitive source of jealousy, but first you can be sure that your ex is hurting and has internal struggles and he’s experiencing a roller coaster of emotions.

So if you’ve invested time and energy into yourself, to make sure you’re happy and you’re feeling good, that you have all your issues solved, your ex won’t help but notice your new radiant, charismatic and present energy.  They won’t know where it came from, and they won’t be able to compete with it.

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