How to Make Your Husband Want Sex

How to Make Your Husband Want Sex

To make your husband want sex you need to makeover your approach to sexuality.

What you need right now at this point in time is a crash course in sexuality. What you need to make your husband want sex is an instant shortcut to being a sex expert.

Understanding sexuality, in particular your husband’s sexuality, is going to be a very big factor in understanding why your husband doesn’t want to have sex and how you can get him to want more sex.  It’s time to get into his head.

Sexuality is more than just your sexual parts and having an orgasm.  Your brain is your greatest erogenous zone.  It needs to be used.

We are all sexual people and we all have a need to express ourselves.  Sometimes we are able to easily express our sexual selves, but other times, we need help.  Sexual energy ebbs and flows.

Understanding sexuality is about knowing exactly what your husband feels about sex. You can make your husband want sex by exploring sex with him.

Does your husband have confidence problems?  Sometimes people need baby steps before getting into sex.  You’ve most likely had sex before you were married, so you should know each other by now.  What’s changed?

Sometimes when couples start dating, these problems can be glossed over by the excitement of the new partner and the chemicals that happen in their early dating stages, but sometimes these can just cover these real problems that have been there for a long time.

And if your husband isn’t interested in sex, there are sometimes deeper emotional and psychological issues going on deep beneath the surface. You can begin to make your husband want sex by learning more about his connection with sex.  You are going to have to help him gain confidence, and look forward to connecting with you physically.

Sometimes when women attempt to increase their husband’s libido and drive for sex, they don’t have enough information about where what drives a man.  What drives a man to make love is complex.  We can break it down into understandable chunks though.

So I just want to give you one example, and this is that sometimes a man’s need for sex is tied his feeling of achievement. Why do you think it’s called “scoring?”  Your husband wants to feel like he is powerful, and that he has seduced you because of his animal magnetism.

There’s something in men where they want and need to feel like a hunter, like they’re going out and bring their spoils home.  They want the whole village to congratulate them for their achievement. It’s important that when it comes to sex, your man feels the sense of achievement.

This is something that women don’t necessarily feel but it’s something that’s important to know to get your male stimulated and turned on.

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