How to NOT Be Jealous

How to NOT Be Jealous

The question of how to not be jealous is important for you to heal and to regain your confidence.

Jealousy is a form of fear.  You’re most likely feeling jealousy because you feel that your partner might leave you.  He or she might find someone more handsome, with more money, with a bigger car, and your partner will leave you in the dust holding the emotional bag.  Again, jealousy is rooted in fear, so the way we get rid of fear is to build confidence.  It’s as simple as that, and I’m going to teach you how.

First off, if your relationship is so shallow, so brittle, so on the verge of collapse that you think your partner is going to go jetsetting off with another guy or girl, then you need to start becoming more confident in your relationship!  Of course Relationship rewind is filed with good advice on building a relationship on solid footing, so start to build confidence by objectively looking at your situation and finding ways you can make it better.  This is the first step on how not to be jealous.

What if your relationship seems just fine?  You and your partner both seem to enjoy each other’s company.  She finds you attractive you think she’s great.  So where’s the problem?  It might be with you.  Sometimes, our minds create problems where there weren’t any before.  We can imagine that our partner is cheating on us, when that’s not really the case and we’re just projecting our own insecurities on them.

In that case, it’s time you got a reality check.  It’s easy to imagine the worst, but why not imagine the best?  When jealousy slips in, I always take it and trade it in for a positive thought or a funny thought.  For instance, if you are out with your girlfriend, and you think she’s looking at another man, try to trade that thought in for a positive one.  She might have her pick of men, but she’s chosen to go to the movie theater with you!

You see, we create so many universes in our own heads without first checking to make sure if any of them are true.  We also don’t try to create positive universe in our heads. We instead go for all of the negative thinking that can get us nowhere.  If your girlfriend is looking at another man in a movie theater, the sure fire way to not be jealous is to calm down and think positive.   Maybe she thinks the man is ugly.  Maybe he has an ugly sweater and she doesn’t understand why anyone would wear that.  All sorts of things could be the case.

It’s time for you to relax!

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