How to Prevent Divorce…

How to Prevent Divorce…

if your marriage is teetering on the brink, then I can give you some advice that may just save it.

Without knowing your personal situation, my methods of how to stop a divorce may not work for you, but the principle is the same and so many people have come to me, asking for me to give them something they could use to prevent their marriage from falling to pieces.  Marriage is a blessing once people have it.  No one wants to see it disintegrate before their very eyes.  Do not despair and do not worry, there is something that you can do.

Part of fixing the problem is to be completely serious about getting your spouse back.  Some people just think that problems fix themselves.  They say that “Time heals all wounds,” but when it comes to preventing divorce, that adage is far from useful.  You’ve taken the first step by reading this article, but don’t think that you can save your marriage by not taking proactive steps.

Like most of my relationship advice, I always favor a calm, level head as far as problem solving is concerned.  This is very hard, especially when we’re trying to save our marriage. It’s an emotional time.  We feel lost and alone, maybe even angry that much of what we’ve worked for has now gone away.  Now is not the time for panic.  Panic will lead you to make a mistake.  Panic will cause you to push your spouse further and further away, which is the last thing that you want.

Find the problem.  Is it finances?  Is it the pressure of daily living?  Is it jealousy?  Has there been infidelity?  Do not let your emotions send you into a maelstrom.  Now is the time for clearheaded thinking.  If the divorce is impending because of your lifestyle, then change it, drastically.  If you have to make extra money on the side for a new vacation, or let your spouse take some time off work to collect themselves, then that’s just what’s going to have to happen.

A lot of the people who come to me for advice marvel at how simple it sounds, and wonder if it works.  After all, preventing a divorce should be magical.  It isn’t.  A pending divorce means that the fundamentals to your relationship have broken down.  You have to restore them if you want a functional relationship.  If your car’s engine is broke, no amount of sorcery is going to replace fixing the motor.

Same thing with your relationship.  If you’re not having enough sex, then read my articles about how to steam it up in the bedroom.  If you think there’s infidelity, I give advice on how to find out and how to deal with it.  Also, a word of warning: some relationships cannot be repaired.  Sometimes you do not want to prevent a divorce.  In fact, it might be better for you to just move on.  It’s all up to you though.

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