How to repair your marriage…

How to repair your marriage…

Three Tips to Help You Repair Your Marriage!

These are three guiding principles that help make marriages strong, healthy and complete. If you want to repair your marriage, then these three principles are your answer.  Yes, it can be just that simple!

The first principle is listening. Start to repair your marriage by really listening.

To be part of a happy marriage, you need to have excellent listening skills. Many people make the mistake of thinking of listening as a passive skill. It’s actually an active skill. It involves different uses of your memory, facial expressions as well as prompting words and questions based on what you have heard. You have to be present when you are listening. It isn’t a time to tune out or listen to your own thoughts.

Here’s an exercise.  The next time your spouse begins a conversation, try to make notes in your mind about what he or she is saying.  This gets you “in” the conversation so to speak.  Your spouse will notice immediately that you are interested in what they’re saying, and they will, in turn, be more interested in you!

The better you are at listening, the more your partner will share. The more your partner shares, the more ideas you’ll have for solutions to repair your marriage.

The second important aspect of a healthy, happy marriage is to create and use healthy habits that will enable you to repair your marriage.

Think about these habits much like a fitness program. We all know that the way to have a healthy body is by doing daily exercise.  If we let a muscle go without exercise too long, it begins to atrophy.

the way to repair your marriage and make it healthy is by implementing healthy daily habits.

I personally like to the park every morning and do my fitness outdoors. I make time for my fitness routine because I know how important it is for my body. With your relationship, you have to make the time everyday for your partner. You need to show your partner how much you care about them. They need to feel intimacy, closeness, physical touch and that you are truly sharing in honest communication with them.

The stronger your daily fitness in your relationship, the stronger your relationship will be and the wish to repair your marriage will become a reality.

And the third thing that is very important is developing a clear communication strategy.  It’s like an advertising firm.  You have a product you want to sell.  You want people to clearly understand why your product is the best, and why they should buy.  Relationships are very similar.

You want to have systems and structures in place for regular communication. You want to be able to share your difficulties and concerns with your partner. Then the two of you can work on these issues together as a team.

Follow these three principles and your marriage will be bullet proof.

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