How to Save a Marriage

How to Save a Marriage

If you want to save a marriage then you need to remember what life was like when you were first married.  It’s not as hard as you might think!

If you want to know how to save a marriage, then you probably know that there aren’t any easy answers and everyone’s situation is different.  If you feel like you are at divorce’s door, then you may feel desperate and uneasy about life and want things to return to the way they were before your life took a turn for the worse.  Maybe you’re facing divorce because of infidelity, or maybe finances and the stress of work have taken their toll.  There are some things you should think about.

Part of remembering what life was like when you were first married is to rekindle the very emotions that strengthened your marriage in the first place.  All too often I get emails from people who have forgotten the magic of getting married, and just needed to be reminded of what brought them together in the first place.  I might have some unique ideas to do this.

Go back to the place where you first met.  Was it a restaurant?  Was it in a special place?  it’d be great you could relive the story of how you and your significant other first fell in love.  This will invoke all of the emotions about your marriage that have been dormant for so long.  They will awaken, and you can start saving your marriage.  You see, if you are asking yourself how to save a marriage, it means that you’ve forgotten the bedrock of your marriage, and you need to revisit it: literally.

You see, marriage starts off with magic and then it wanes.  It happens to everyone. The magic doesn’t seem to last forever.  We get into a routine.  This is practically the death of marriage.  We wake up, we go to work, and then we spend the evening doing mundane things.  There’s no adventure in that kind of life.  This is why a marriage soon loses its flavor, and then we are feeling distant and as if life has taken a turn for the worse.

Identify where you and your spouse are feeling the most distant.  Do you not see each other enough?  It’s easy to let your career or life pull you apart when you should be relying on each other for strength.  It might be difficult to be more vulnerable to your spouse, but in many cases, you can save a marriage by renewing the feels that you had for each other when you were first married, and learn to rely on each other as you once did.

Talk to each other!  You’d be surprised how many marriages go to pot because one of the spouses doesn’t let out their feelings.  Your spouse cannot help you if you say nothing.  Problems fester, and what could have been is always hanging over your head.  If you’re really wondering about how to save a marriage, then you need to communicate.

One sure fire way to save a marriage is to go to a marriage retreat.  The best retreats are the intensive ones where you and your spouse sit down with a marriage specialist, a licensed therapist, who will look at your whole relationship and use their experience and wisdom to help you both select the best life path.   These retreats are intense.  Expect to really delve deep into your marriage problems and even into your past.  Be forewarned, though, marriage retreats are not necessarily always going to save your marriage.  Sometimes, if it’s best that you and your partner separate, then the specialist may recommend that.

The key to saving a marriage is to remember all the different things that brought you and your spouse together.  It’s easy to despair and say that everything is going to fall apart, but there was a bond between you and your spouse in the beginning, and more many people, it’s all about rekindling the passion and the connection that made your marriage work in the first place.

If the love you have is real, then it will last through any bad patch.

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