How to save your relationship from breaking up…

How to save your relationship from breaking up…

One of the best ways to keep your relationship from ending is to find a way to spice it up.How to save your relationship from breaking up...

Often times your relationship is an extension of your own life. It reflects what you are doing personally. After all, you are one half of the relationship equation.

And if you’re stuck in a rut, if you have too much routine and especially if you’re not doing anything new or exciting things together – your relationship could suffer because it gets caught up into a repetitive, boring cycle.

So I encourage both of you to explore new interests together. Try things that you’ve never done before.

It could be a new hobby, passion, or interest. It could involve getting back in touch with something that you enjoyed as a child. It might involve doing something that you’ve never done before. It could include world travel or anything that you never thought you’d consider doing.

Turn these activities into meaningful time together. Act as a team and your relationship will be much stronger because of it.

And you’ll find that the two of you learn more about yourselves. Increasing self-awareness leads to better relationships because both partners are actively aware of what needs to be done.

Usually repetition is the death of a relationship. The relationship gets comfortable and boring and lacks any sort of excitement. Change this immediately. Give your relationship lots of spark by doing some new interests together.

I’ve seen a lot of couples take up dancing lessons for a while and often the guy didn’t really want to do it but he did it just for something to do. And you can see the couple getting stronger with each lesson, you can see them bonding and having fun. Many times, the guy succumbs to the activity and finds that he does enjoy it once he knows what to do.

Maybe take a cooking course together or learn a foreign language. Building a really strong relationship can come down to thinking outside of the box and trying different things. 

It’s worth investing the time to do this. Your relationship will be much stronger because of it and your whole level of life enjoyment will increase.

So take a risk, go wild, do something different – your relationship will really thank for you for it.

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