How to Stop a Divorce – Useful Advice that Can Help...

How to Stop a Divorce – Useful Advice that Can Help You Save Your Marriage

If you’re looking for how to stop a divorce, this article may be just what you need.

How to Stop a Divorce  - Useful Advice that Can Help You Save Your Marriage

There are many things you can do to help stop a divorce, and while your personal circumstances may be unique, there are still techniques that apply to many different marriages.  The fact you’re reading this article means that on some level you believe your marriage is worth saving, but you may not know exactly what to do and have thrown your hands up in disgust.  First, calm down.  Many people have gone to the brink of divorce and have come back as stronger couples.  It is by no means easy and it will take time, but the reward of having an even stronger marriage is hard to pass up.  So, let’s talk about how to stop a divorce.

Many people develop problems in their marriage because of outside forces.  Once you have kids, your relationship shifts to focus more on them and less on you.  It’s hard to be romantic when both parents work, come home exhausted, and have to spend most of the day coordinating about child care.  This adds unneeded stress to the situation, and can create tension in a couple.  The way to tackle this is to find an active way of dealing with the situation.  Is there a way one parent can stay home?  How can child care be better divvied up between parents?  When can you set aside intimate time where you aren’t dealing with the kids?  If child rearing is a source of stress, then its best to organize your life in this area.  How else do you stop a divorce?

Financial problems come next right after child care when couples talk about what is straining their marriage.  There’s nothing like fear of not having enough to introduce poisonous stress into a relationship.  If finances are a problem, if you are falling behind on bills or are facing repossession, you might find that budgeting with your spouse gives you more confidence.  Maybe one of you can take a second job or work from home?  Maybe you can move to a less expensive area, or learn to stay within your set budget without going over.  If you have a clear plan on how to get caught up on bills, you’ll spend less time in a state of stress.  This is usually a good way to stop a divorce.  Remember, stress in one area of your life can leak into another.

Have you and your spouse fallen into a rut in the bedroom?  Some couples go for years without sex, and lose all sense of intimacy with one another.  This is a sure fire way to destroy a marriage. Without physical intimacy, it is hard to have trust between partners.  Each spouse doesn’t look at each other as romantic partners, but rather business partners, and the relationship breaks down.  If this is happening then you may need intensive therapy.  You may be carrying baggage from the past into your marriage, sometimes unknowingly, and it is ruining what could otherwise be a nourishing relationship with your spouse. Without a level of basic trust, you’ll find problem solving to be next to impossible.

These are some of the major things that plague couples, but there could be a number of things unique to your situation.  If there is a problem with substance abuse, such as alcohol or illicit drugs, then you’ll need to seek professional help immediately.  Do not be afraid to reach out, because problems dealing with substance abuse can compound and you could be landing in divorce court sooner than expected.

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