How To Stop Being Jealous…

How To Stop Being Jealous…

Learning how to stop being jealous could change your life.

You don’t have to be a slave to the green eyed monster anymore.  For those of you who are suffering because you constantly feel jealous in your relationships, then I have some advice that can really help you move on with your life and start feeling confident again!

Jealousy is a type of fear

People fear all sorts of things in life, from getting fired to losing their loved ones.  Fear is natural, but uncontrolled fear is deadly and poisons our relationship and robs us of the joys of life.  I have talked to many couples where one partner suffers from jealousy, and usually, after a lot of run around, I finally get to the heart of the problem: that partner is afraid their significant other is going to leave them for someone else.

It’s the same song and dance every time.  They take offense at every little thing and believe that their partner is one step away from leaving them with a billionaire to go off to some exotic island.  When one partner is in a jealous state of mind, then everything becomes scary, even things that don’t make any sense or are otherwise innocuous.  Take this one couple I talked to, let’s call them Rob and Sarah.

Sarah was jealous because he saw Rob walking down the street with a girl she had never seen before.  Sarah had not ready any of my articles on how to stop being jealous, so she just assumed that the girl Rob was walking down the street with was his new lover and he was cheating on her.  Once Rob got home that night, he and Sarah had a screaming match.  Rob had no idea what happened.

From Rob’s perspective, he met an old high school friend he hadn’t seen in years and didn’t want to let the opportunity pass.  Rob had no intention of leaving Sarah. In fact, he had secretly bought a ring to propose to her and just hadn’t found a good time.  After that fight, Rob began to have second thoughts on whether or not Sarah was right for him.

Jealousy makes us see things that aren’t there and ruin relationships that are otherwise perfectly fine.  We do this out of fear.  The thing that beats fear is knowledge.  Sarah never asked Rob who the girl was, nor did she snoop and find out if she was too afraid to ask Rob directly.  She also didn’t trust Rob or believe in his character, which doesn’t say much for their relationship.  Sarah just could not stop being jealous, and now their relationship is on the rocks.

Don’t be like this couple, and learn to have confidence in your partner.  If you suspect something is up, investigate before coming to conclusions!

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