How To Win an Ex-Boyfriend Back

How To Win an Ex-Boyfriend Back

I get a lot of questions about ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends. Everyone wants to know how to win an ex-boyfriend back.

They miss the companionship and most importantly, they miss that particular person. They aren’t interested in finding a new love, they just want the one that they already had.  This is perfectly human!  Don’t feel bad if you find yourself in this position.

If this is you, do not despair. This article will give you a few basic ideas about how to win an ex-boyfriend back without begging. Whatever you do, don’t beg. Men do not find that attractive. They will not want to come back. And if they do come back…it might not be for reasons that you would like.  To be honest, some men will not think twice to use a woman for physical comfort, so remember to maintain your self respect.

Do some self reflection!

First, look at why they left. Do you know? If you know why your partner left you then you need to figure out how to change that aspect of yourself. If it isn’t something that you want to change, then you shouldn’t be pursuing this relationship. Maybe they hated the way you always argued.  Are you an argumentative person?  Be honest, because if you don’t change the problem then there is no way you can win an ex-boyfriend back.

Second, discover who you are.  Men love confident women.  Period.  Confidence is sexy in their eyes. I’m not asking you to be arrogant, to think of yourself as the “Queen Bee” or “God’s gift to the world.” I’m asking that you find yourself attractive, you appreciate some of your talents, and you learn to love yourself. Walk with purpose. Create goals for yourself and follow them. Step outside of your comfort zone and increase your boundaries.  Believe me, he’ll react.

Third, work on your appearance if necessary. I know that you don’t want to hear this and no one does, but it may be one reason why your partner left you. Did you stop going to the gym and keeping up your appearance?  Men start getting the wandering eye when their partner starts to let themselves go.  It’s a harsh truth.

You’ve got your inner game in line, now what next?

Lastly, find ways to occasionally bump into him without making it look as though you tried. Don’t bump into him often, but once a month would be good. You don’t want o appear as if you are stalking him.  Nothing scares a guy off more than an obsessive girl. Let him see what he’s been missing without asking for him back. Then, watch him come crawling back to you. You may find, that after all this time and self-discovery, he isn’t as great as you previously thought. You may discover another man that you’d rather have. Either way, you’ll find yourself with more options.

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