Hurt Feelings in a Relationship – How to Resolve It

Hurt Feelings in a Relationship – How to Resolve It

This happens in EVERY relationship, but it’s important to know how to work through hurt feelings…

We’ve all made mistakes in our personal lives and that includes our romantic relationships. Sometimes we may take things too far and cause our partners considerable stress. What do you do when you’ve hurt your woman’s feelings? Is there a way that you can return things to the way they were before?

First off you have to respect your feelings and you have to understand the fact that there is a process.  Emotions are like a rail car.  They get started and its hard to stop them suddenly.  However the process itself is valuable and it’s well worth going through.  This, however, depends on your willingness to let yourself feel the full range of emotions.  Do not suppress how you feel!  Do not think that just pretending everything is all right is going to help you!

It all depends on your relationship and connection together. If you have a strong relationship then it will be much easier for you to talk through things and trust one another in the future. It also depends on what you’ve done. For those of you who have cheated, that’s a much bigger issue than simply saying something hurtful.

Sometimes men say things that are hurtful for a variety of reasons. If you’ve been verbally abusive at all, then you must apologize. These are usually the things that hurt women the most. If you’ve said something that has hurt her deeply then you need to apologize.  It’s not un-manly to admit you’re wrong.  If you care about your relationship, then you’ll do it.

After you apologize, you need to talk things through with her. Communication is of the utmost importance here in terms of restoring your relationship. Don’t let her feel alone and don’t let her feel as though you don’t care about her feelings. Show her that you care by being there for her and listening. Understand what you said that hurt her and why it hurt her.

Once you know what you’ve said and why it hurt her, you can explain to her why you said it. Maybe you were taking out your anger on her because of something that happened at work. Perhaps you over-reacted in a heated argument the two of you were having. Maybe you didn’t even mean to say what you said and you don’t actually agree with what you said. It doesn’t matter what it is. Apologize for having said it and let her know why.

Talking through the hurt, though you may need to give her a bit of space first, is the best way to restore your relationship.

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