I Want My Ex Back but She Has a Boyfriend

I Want My Ex Back but She Has a Boyfriend

“I want my ex back but she has a boyfriend!” So you want that special girl back, but there is one problem standing in your way: her new boyfriend. What are you supposed to do in this situation? Steal her back? Move on with your life? You may be a completely lost, emotional wreck right now, but you do not have to be anymore. With this advice, you will figure out to handle the situation and make the decision that is right for you.

The first important rule is to respect her new relationship. You may not like it, but do not try to purposefully destroy it. Attempting to steal her away from her new boyfriend is not only cruel, but it also makes you look like a jerk with no boundaries. If you truly care about her, there are better ways to win her back.

Though it may push you out of your comfort zone, go ahead and tell her how you really feel. Do you still love her? Let her know. You will always regret it if you are too afraid to confront her. In this case, a “what if” will haunt you far more than an “oh well.” This method is much more respectful that trying to purposefully sabotage her new relationship or steal her away. Plus, it will show her what a great guy you are in the process. Double win!

By telling her how you really feel, you are letting her make the decision of whether or not to take you back. Therefore, the pressure is off of you. If she decides to break up with her boyfriend so she can be with you again, then you are in luck. However, if she doesn’t, then move on with your life. The woman of your dreams is still out there for you!