I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back

I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back

The other day, a woman approached me and said, “I want my ex boyfriend back. Do you have any advice on what to do?” Surprisingly, she is not the only woman who has asked me the same question. Knowing of my relationship blog, people – both strangers and friends of mine – constantly look to me for advice. Since I have spent countless time researching this very topic, I was not at a loss for advice to offer her. For those of you women who may be wondering the same thing, here are some tips that just might help you to win back that special guy.

First of all, it is perfectly normal to want your boyfriend back after a breakup, so do not feel like you are alone. If you are used to constantly having him around, it may be a huge change for you – one that you do not particularly enjoy. After a breakup, you are faced with two decisions: you can move on with your life or you can try to win him back. Though these two options are completely different, it is your job to decide which is best for you.

The worst thing you could do is to try and restart the relationship for all the wrong reasons, especially if the relationship wasn’t good for you in the first place, and you are, in fact, the one who let him go.  Don’t trade in security and feeling “the way things used to be” for someone who isn’t going to add to your life.  It never ends well.

Though you may really care about that ex of yours, sometimes moving on is what is best for the both of you. Being single is not necessarily a bad thing. Not only will it allow you to meet other people, but it also gives you time to focus on yourself. Have you been so distracted by your relationship that you haven’t focused on your own goals and dreams? Look at the breakup as a blessing to achieve success in your life!

However, if you are in love with that special guy and are certain he feels the same way, then go ahead and try to mend the broken relationship. Though this can be a challenge, you will regret it if you don’t at least make an attempt. If it is meant to be, you will have that special man back in your arms once again.

The best thing to remember is that if you want  your ex-boyfriend back, you will have to go through a healing process.  Breakups are emotional and damaging to both parties involved.  There’s no way that getting back together all of a sudden is going to be an easy thing, and if you take that piece of advice to heart, you’ll get through the process so much faster.