I want my ex-boyfriend back

I want my ex-boyfriend back

Question: I’ve been feeling really jealous lately of this girl who is dating my ex-boyfriend. I didn’t realize how much I liked him until I saw him with another girl. What do I do? I want my ex-boyfriend back. I miss him and I think he misses me. I don’t want to hurt his current girlfriend, but I really do want my ex-boyfriend back, NOW. Help!

I want my ex-boyfriend back
A little sugar can make things cook again

Answer: Okay, so we know that you want your ex-boyfriend back. The real question is: how? This is a tricky situation because you’re right, you don’t want to hurt his new girlfriend. She hasn’t done anything to you except take the man you want back. I’m assuming that she isn’t doing this to spite you but because she found a man that she was attracted to and who was available, so she started dating him.

First, you need to spend more time with him. If you’re going to get him to fall back in love with you, then you need to be around so he can miss you. Don’t let him cheat with you, however, as that will only make him despise you. He’ll see you as someone who came in to break up the relationship that he had rather than see you as someone who just wants him back in her life. So start by spending more time with him. As friends.

Flirt. When you’re with him, don’t be needy. Don’t be overly flirty, but drop subtle hints. Let him know that you might still like him. He needs to think that if he broke up with his current girlfriend, you would be interested in being with him. Don’t let him think that you’ll cheat with him, but let him know that you’re not dating anyone and you still find him attractive.

Lastly, have fun with him. When you’re spending time together, it needs to be fun and meaningful. He has to have a reason to want to come back. Make him remember what he loved about you and how much he’s been missing it. As you spend time with him, keep your distance when you’re apart. Be with him or be without him. Soon, he’ll realize that he wishes you were always with him and he’ll be texting, calling and tweeting you, asking you to spend more time with him as his girlfriend.

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