I Want My Ex Girlfriend to Want Me Back

I Want My Ex Girlfriend to Want Me Back

“I want my ex girlfriend to want me back” is a phrase that many men are familiar with. After a rough breakup, you may realize that you actually care about that special girl – a lot. If you are positive that you are willing to put in the time and effort that it will take to win her back, then go for it! But how, exactly, do you get your ex-girlfriend to want you back? Well, with these helpful suggestions, you have a chance of getting her back in your arms once again!

The first tip is to look your absolute best. In order to do this, hitting up the gym and dressing your best are not bad ideas. Though this may take time, effort and energy, it will pay off in the end! Not only will getting back into shape draw the attention of that special girl, but it will also make you feel good about yourself and make you an overall healthier person. Most women cannot resist nice, chiseled muscles, and it is unlikely that your ex-girlfriend can resist it either.

Another way to get her to want you back is to gain success in your life. Whether this is in your career or in your favorite hobbies, go ahead and let yourself rise to the top. Without your relationship holding you back, you can spend all your time focusing on becoming a better you. Not only will you gain confidence, but that special girl will want you back in her life once she sees what a great, driven, handsome man you are!

The final suggestion – though it may be slightly unnerving – is to flirt with her every time you see her around. I am not saying to be too forward, but a little bit of flirting can go a very long way. Let her know you are still interested without flat-out telling her that you are. By doing this, you will show her what she once had – and what she is missing now!