If I Nag Him Enough, He’ll Do It

If I Nag Him Enough, He’ll Do It

“If I nag him enough, he’ll do it” – If I had a dime for every time I heard this one…

Sadly, women today think that they need to tell men over and over again what they need once they’ve tied the knot. Unfortunately, this is often because men don’t listen to what their wives are saying to them. It’s a vicious cycle and once it starts, it never ends.

The best way to avoid this cycle depends upon your gender:

Women: Listen to your man! Then respond and/or do what he asks. And try not to nag. Men hate this as much as your children do. In fact, other woman hate it too. Tell him once and if he was listening, then let it go. Or remind him once later on. No need to tell him every ten minutes. It only builds resentment on his end and continues the vicious cycle.

Men: Listen to you wife! Then respond and/or do what she asks. If you listen to her, she’ll listen to you. Respect her and she’ll respect you. See how that works? If she says, “Could you pick up Jimmy today from soccer camp because I need to go to the mall and get a present for his friend, Andy’s birthday party next week?” Listen and then answer her, “Yeah, I could pick him up. What time? Thanks for getting that gift.” Most likely you didn’t want to get the gift. You’re both doing something. If your wife continues to remind you to pick up Jimmy over and over again, let her know. “Honey, I heard you and I will remember.” Let her know that you don’t like the nagging. Let her know that it bothers you and it actually makes you not want to listen.

Follow this advice and and you’ll be on your way to a more understanding relationship! Better yet – he’ll listen and she’ll stop nagging.