Jealous of your Ex-Boyfriend?

Jealous of your Ex-Boyfriend?

When you are jealous of ex boyfriend you’ve got to deal with some really difficult emotions and feelings. Overcoming being jealous of an ex boyfriend is very important if you truly want to be happy.

You don’t need to be jealous of your ex-boyfriend if you follow a few simple rules.  The green eyed monster is tough to deal with, but I’ve seen a lot of women get over their ex-boyfriends in no time flat if you just follow certain behaviors and ways of thinking.

1. You might just be better off without him.

This is the common thing we say to console ourselves when we break up.  We tell ourselves that life will somehow be better.  Well guess what, often it is!  You broke up for a reason, and if you haven’t made up within a few weeks, then you can almost safely say that the relationship is dead.  That may be a good thing!

Compare yourself before and after the relationship.  Were you a better woman before the relationship?  Were you more confident?  Did you have more friends?  Was your work/life balance in place?  If he disrupted all that, then you can say with full honesty that you are indeed better off without him.

2. Focus on yourself after a breakup

This is my general advice for whenever you breakup with someone, and if you’re feeling jealous, it’s advice that will carry you far.  Don’t focus on your ex boyfriend, that will only increase your jealousy.  You’re feeling envy because you’re focusing too much on him and nowhere near enough on yourself.

It’s time to go out and pamper yourself.  Get a new hairdo, change your clothes, and visit a spa.  You have to be your best friend after a breakup.  If you are not reminding yourself about how wonderful you are, and how much you treasure yourself, then it’s easy to sink back into dark thoughts of envy.

3. Give your old relationship a funeral

It’s time to move on.  There’s nothing more you could have done.  Do not spend time analyzing the past because you have to move on from it.  You have no other choice but to face the new day.  I know, this sounds like a Disney movie, but I’m telling you the harsh truth.

Take all of your old photos of your boyfriend and anything else that would make you think of him, put it in a shoebox, and give it a Viking funeral.  That means you find a large body of water, and set it out to sea.

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